Brad Honigman

Library postpones wireless effort

The first floor 24-hour reading room will be the Gelman Library’s last wireless initiative until the library receives more funding. Students will be able to access wireless Internet in the reading room in the library within the next few months, officials said. “We have stopped any future development at the moment due to a lack […]

SEAS opens security lab

GW students will study computer and Internet security starting in about a week when the University opens a new lab in Phillips Hall. The lab will feature a “completely confined” network for security testing, meaning outside sources cannot access it. Students will hack into or infect the computers and then figure out how to patch […]

Officials aim to curb cheating

Most GW classrooms feature a black and gold plaque on the wall warning students that “The right answer comes from you.” The signs were put there to make students think twice about cheating, plagiarizing or turning in work that is not theirs. Tim Terpstra, director of the Office of Academic Integrity, said that of the […]

GW raises $550 million

The University will refrain from starting a major fundraising campaign this year, taking a break after ending its most recent effort, which produced more than $550 million. Funds from the Centuries Campaign, which ended this summer, helped build Kogan Plaza and fund scholarships and research initiatives, among other projects. The campaign began with a $300 […]

University hosts Embassy Dinner

A diverse group of about 150 dignitaries and GW community members convened in the Marvin Center Continental Ballroom Friday evening for the 71st annual Embassy Dinner. Dressed in formal or ethnic attire, attendees mingled with ambassadors and other diplomats, saw various cultural performances and received an exotic sampling of dishes from more than a dozen […]

Professor addresses Nazi tactics

A College of London professor addressed Nazi propaganda strategies at a lecture Thursday night in the Marvin Center. Speaking to a crowd of about 10 students and five professors, Michael Berkowitz discussed how the Nazis depicted Jews as a homogenous race of criminals during the 1930s and 1940s. Berkowitz explained how the Nazis “meticulously shaped” […]