Bonnie Sultan

Sex Column: Who’s that girl?

In relationships, we have all been in an unpleasant position at one time or another. Whether being asked if your partner looks fat in their jeans or if you want to meet the parents, most have been in a spot that was uncomfortable and awkward. That sticky situation where your ego, morals and, indeed, your […]

Virtually dating

In this, the 21st century, we find that our possibilities are endless. Women can be doctors, men can be soft-spoken, but the ancient dilemma remains: how does Jane meet Johnny? Once you’ve hit the bar scene hard enough to leave a bruise, you come to realize meeting someone in a drunk tank maybe isn’t the […]

Sex appeal: The VIP section

At one time or another in a sexual relationship, you hit a point when new frontiers are either conquered or avoided. There’s the pushing of one’s head towards another’s lap; the slipping of multiple digits into one’s orifice; and the possible entry into one’s body saved for only a select few. The topic of anal […]

Column: Still single and still swinging

Girl meets boy. Girl falls for boy. Girl gets used to an active sex life. Boy gets on an airplane and jumps the pond. Girl is left behind. What’s a girl to do? In perfect Bonnie fashion, I find someone I click with and before you can say Virgin Airlines he’s gone. I knew that […]

Column: The Sticky Jelly Situation

by Recently I decided to go on my annual vintage shopping spree, otherwise known as rummaging through my old clothing in storage. Aside from my sweet bellbottom Levi’s and baby doll shirts, I came across a bag of old accessories. Included in this bag of rhinestones and butterfly rings were my favorite bangles circa sixth […]

Column: The Call of the Wild

Being recently unleashed from another good relationship gone bad, I find myself once again single and on the prowl. After losing my latest mating partner, my mind raced with questions about the sex lives of single guys and gals. How do these packs of singles survive the cold and lonely winter? Without anyone to cuddle […]

Sex column: “Was it good for you?”

Having recently returned from the land of lame shags, I began to pay close attention to my body and the sensations that run through it. I know when I’m hungry because my stomach growls. I know when I’m tired because my eyes droop. And I know when sex is bad because I feel nothing at […]

Column: The mourning after: Surviving a lame shag

In every romantic relationship there are always the expectations of firsts. The first kiss, the first hand held in public and, of course, the first time you have sex. Within these expectations you develop scenarios about how these instances will play out. Will he kiss me first? Will she make the first move? And so […]

Column: As age goes up, men go down

As you get older, you begin to acquire new tastes. Beer and red wine become savory when they used to taste sour. Politics becomes interesting when in the past it was a bore. And sexually you become more willing to orally communicate, both verbally and physically. In college, I thought oral sex was an urban […]

Column: The ticking time bomb

Everyone from time to time feels like time is not on your side. Whether it is that fling from spring break or that fabulous person you met one week before school who lives nowhere near D.C. – welcome to the club of ticking time bombs, in which I have been a proud member for years. […]