Bill Eldridge

Op-Ed: Wrong to protest realiation for terror

Tuesday, everyone in America and around the world witnessed a horrific event that will surely change the course of American history. It was an event that took more American lives in one day than the attack on Pearl Harbor, and possibly any other battle America has fought since the Civil War. The cowards that perpetrated […]

Forum: Brave new world

For most of us this is the first inauguration we will witness in Washington. Now it is finally time for a new Republican administration to take over. Throughout the campaign, Bush pledged to ensure every American child has the opportunity to receive an exemplary education. He promised a tax cut with the focus of giving […]

GOP offers `top ten’ to educate voters

Since this is the final Forum before the election, I want to take this time to encourage everyone who has not voted to send in their absentee ballot or vote at their respective polling stations in D.C., Virginia or Maryland. This election is going to be the closest in 40 years and you can make […]

Forum: Bush seen as trustworthy in debates

Through the debates this past month, the American people had the opportunity to listen to the candidates and their platforms. Governor Bush presented a platform in which he trusts the American people; whereas Vice President Al Gore advocated a platform for a larger government that would exert more control in an individual’s life. Governor Bush […]

Forum: Military morale, pay need a boost

A recent Pentagon report revealed surprising deficiencies in our nation’s combat readiness and military capabilities. In conjunction with this report, Gen. Colin Powell acknowledged and said, Readiness has declined. Investment has declined. Maintenance has declined. And training has declined. Undeniably, America’s military forces are not getting the assistance they deserve. Our current commander-in-chief has neglected […]

College Republicans: Leaving no child behind

Education is deservedly becoming one of the most prominent issues of the 2000 election. Each party and candidate has proposed its own version of education reform. However, both differ in many ways. The Republicans advocate a localized education system and increased choice for students and parents. In contrast, the Democrats prefer a bloated bureaucracy to […]

Liberal bias apparent in Hatchet article

Once again there has been another example of how The Hatchet leans toward a liberal bias. An article (“Students protest controversial CR speaker,” p. 8) in last Thursday’s paper about the College Republicans’ event with Congressman Bob Barr, who had to postpone his speech due to a vote on campaign finance, focused on the protest […]