Beth Mosenthal

In with the “New”

Upon entrance to the first room of the exhibition the “48th Corcoran Biennial: Closer to Home,” my immediate reaction was to cringe. This was then followed by the impulse to run across The Ellipse, down Constitution Avenue and into the safety of the National Gallery. Instead, I confronted the images at hand. Right in front […]

Spring Gallery Exhibits

The Hirshhorn Museum – Isamu Noguchi: Master Sculptor (Until May 8) What makes one a master sculptor? Is it a mastery of materials? An ability to create a realistic figure one day, and an abstraction the next? Or perhaps just the talent to create a simple, but strong image? Isamu Noguchi is, as the title […]

Roger Fenton’s International Photo Art

In contemporary society, photography is often marginalized, featuring large spreads of people in compromising positions in order to sell clothing – or lack thereof. Whether we pick up a magazine or pass a billboard on the street, we are confronted with visual images that lend themselves to consumer purchase. That is why the new exhibition […]

Corcoran architecture exhibit unveils future plans for building

In today’s modern world, two interesting phenomena seem to be occurring: To begin, there is a new preoccupation with design. Households that were once decorated with mundane browns and nauseating retro-shades of green and yellow have now been changed to an aesthetic in bold patterns and daring colors, courtesy of mega-chain stores such as Target […]

Where the avant gardes meet

Staring at Salvador Dali’s “Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach” at the Phillips Collection’s new exhibit, Surrealism and Modernism, I found myself wishing I had gone into astrology rather than liberal arts. Maybe then I could have conjured Salvador Dali from the dead, just to casually inquire why he decided to devote […]