Beth Brown

SPOTLIGHT: Tuning in to WRGW

From the depths of the Marvin Center GW student voices discussing music, sports, politics, news and more are transmitted all over the world. WRGW, GW’s student-run radio station provides a variety of programming to students on campus and beyond. Unlike most radio stations, WRGW broadcasts solely on the internet, allowing anyone anywhere to tune into […]

The University Club offers elegance

Jazz softly seeps into the ornate blue and gold entranceway. The tick-tock of the Georgian grandfather clock keeps time as Ella Fitzgerald muses about love. The giggles and cries of its notoriously noisy F street neighbor Thurston Hall seem unable to penetrate the wall the two buildings share. At the University Club an escape to […]

There’s no place like home

Gather the roommates, measure the room and board the Metro heading toward Pentagon City. It’s the time of year when Linen’s ‘n Things gets crowded with familiar GW students on a mission to change impersonal dorm rooms into distinctive dwellings. Sophomore Monica Mega said purchasing a rug is one of the most important tasks when […]

Hail to the buff

Pizza for breakfast, Burger King for lunch and a sensible J Street dinner. While this diet may shed points, it will also help you pack on those college cuisine pounds. For students who hope to slim down instead of beef up during their college career, GW offers variety of ways to stay fit through different […]

Going abroad presents tough choices

Click. Double click: “Italy-Edu-Study Abroad.” I imagined it. Sitting in a piazza surrounded by narrow cobblestone streets lined with small, outdoor cafes and cooled by a Mediterranean breeze. A dark, olive-skinned waiter leans over to take my order, as perfect Italian flows from my lips. I am going to study abroad in Italy next spring, […]

Summer fun in the city

Those lazy, hazy days of summer are upon us. For most GW students, that means packing up the minivan, hugging the roommate goodbye and hightailing it out of Foggy Bottom. Yet many students remain in the District through June, July and August for internships, jobs and classes. While all this work may sound like it […]

DCD: Play with your food

Originally Published 04/30/01 April 24, 2001 Maskereem Ethiopian Restaurant 7:20 p.m. My mother always told me not to eat with my hands or pick at my food. She taught me to sit up straight with my legs crossed and put my napkin in my lap. Lucky for me my mother is in Philadelphia, because all […]

SPOTLIGHT: GW spirit booms since GW’s inception

At the sound of its first note from GW’s Pep Band students jump to their feet at basketball games. They belt out the lyrics and pump their fists. The singing echoes through the Smith Center. Big and Little George make their way to the bleachers and dance with fans donned in buff and blue. After […]

SPOTLIGHT: Professor Steven Roberts makes connections

His classes are some of the first to close during registration, not just because many of them end with dinner at T.G.I. Fridays. Students line up to take a class with one of journalism’s premier professionals and one of GW students’ most beloved School of Media and Public Affairs professors, Steven Roberts. Between appearing weekly […]

Inpatient patients

Second only to long lines at J Street, perhaps it is one of students greatest pet peeves. Slumped in one of 10 rose-colored chairs, between coughs and sneezes and over the perpetual drone of CNN’s “On Health,” some students read, some doze, but all listen anxiously for the sound of their names. This is the […]