Beth Brown

GW employee dies in shooting

A Metropolitan Police officer shot and killed GW employee Odetta Emanuel during a botched arrest at the intersection of 49th Place and Blaine Street N.E. at about 8:15 p.m. Thursday night. A plainclothes officer and a murder suspect in the car with Emanuel were also shot and wounded, according to a police statement. The vehicle […]

GW employee killed in police gunfire

Police shot and killed GW employee Odetta Emanuel during a botched arrest in Northeast Washington Thursday night. A plainclothes officer and the suspect were also shot and wounded, according to Metropolitan Police reports. The vehicle Emanuel was driving had been stopped by a plainclothes officer attempting to execute an arrest warrant for her companion, William […]

On the streets: A protester’s story

Fordham junior Sarah Jensen has permanent marker all over her left arm. Written in thick black ink is a ten-digit number. It takes up almost her entire forearm. “This is the legal number,” she says at about 9 a.m., heading toward Freedom Plaza. “If we get arrested we call this number. Because when you are […]

Partying Hoya-style: Colonials invade Georgetown festivities

Georgetown University Friday, Sept. 13 11:58 p.m. There wasn’t any wine or cheese. That is what I expected – wine and cheese. There was a cigar, only one, and I don’t even think the guy puffing it was a Republican. I went to a Georgetown party and I survived. My roommate’s best friend goes to […]

9/11: Bringing business back into the District

Asmat Pikar is looking for real estate. He has checked out some places near the Capitol. He wants something with a lunch crowd nearby. A year ago, Pikar was not sure his Adams Morgan restaurant, Afghan Grill, would survive. Now, he is preparing to become a chain. Pikar is one of many in the D.C. […]

A New Day, A New War: Empty chairs at empty tables

There are 290 empty red cushioned chairs at Sholl’s Colonial Cafeteria, a restaurant seating 300. Rows of broccoli, mounds of meatloaf and lines of blueberry pie sit untouched on the long serving counter. On a good day hundreds of students would be chatting loudly and grabbing food. The only sound heard there today is the […]

Spotlight: A life on the street: one man’s story

Before dawn he sits outside on a chilly stonewall, clutching a tattered black backpack. The sun has not yet warmed the crisp October morning. In the darkness and cold, he waits in line for a free breakfast: scrambled eggs and collard greens. In a few hours he will sleep in the safety provided by light. […]

Without walls in Washington

While the nation’s capital is home to more politicians, national monuments and museums than any other U.S. city, the District also has one the largest homeless populations in the nation. D.C. has one of the highest concentration of homeless people in the country, topping even New York City. According to research done by the Washington […]

Raising AIDS awareness

In the two minutes it takes GW students to walk from class at Funger Hall to J Street for lunch, lives of 10 young people around the world are changed forever. They are infected with HIV. In the United States, two young people are infected with HIV, the disease that causes AIDS, every hour, according […]

Going out and going on

It is Thursday night. The numbers 11:07 illuminate the face of freshman Bhaveen Jani’s digital clock. The first of many knocks rap against his Thurston Hall door. Soon 15 of Jani’s friends file into the small dorm room, heavy with the scent of cologne mixed with perfume. The room is abuzz, voices asking whether it’s […]