Ben Falk

Comic Books: The American mythology

I am willing to put myself out there, to commit social suicide, to defend the indefensible position: comic books are cool. They are, really. They are cool. They are relevant. They are not just fantasy. They are the American mythology. The popularity of “Spider-Man,” “Spider-Man 2,” “X-Men,” “Sin City” and the upcoming release of “Batman […]

A night on the town with Engine 23

We’ve all walked past it a hundred times, seen the firefighters outside the station on 2119 G St. Arguably every GW student has seen them come and go, heard the scream of the siren and seen those lights pierce the night sky with unrivaled intensity. It’s March 30 and I’ve been invited, as a guest, […]

Column: The perception of normal

While having dinner with some family friends a few weeks ago, a comment was made that happened to snatch my attention away from my steak. “Have you seen that show ‘Desperate Housewives’?’” “Yeah,” my aunt replied. “It’s unbelievable! You don’t think people really think housewives are like that? How can they put that on TV? […]

Column: A less descriptive description

“I just heard this great new band, you’ve got to hear them.” “Yeah, what are they like?” “Well they’re a mix between rock, bluegrass, blues and some of their stuff is really jazzy.” What does that mean? Really, what does it mean? I know what it is trying to describe, but does it really accomplish […]

Celebrities not welcome in political spotlight

Apparently it has become “in vogue” for celebrities to get involved with various causes. I think this is great. I love that Sandra Bullock is donating a million dollars for tsunami relief. I love that a host of other “beautiful people” are doing all they can for other equally worthy causes, such as Angelina Jolie […]