Ben Delman

Column: Mainstream gambling

Switch on ESPN any Tuesday. Below the ticker showing the latest golf scores from Dubai is a clock counting down the seconds to the channel’s most anticipated weekly show. Unless you’ve been living in a cable television-proof cave, you know I’m talking about the World Series of Poker. My poker instincts tell me most of […]

Column: What if?

What if? It’s a question I’ve often asked myself given not only my affection for history, but also my unique ability to over analyze anything. In the few days before I came back to GW, an odd and mildly embarrassing event led me again to wonder what if. I was out on a couple of […]

Column: Computer virus attack

My E-mail account: “Re: Your Document.” Me: “Ooh, mail. Cool. I wonder what it is. Maybe it’s that Nobel Peace Prize I ordered.” (click) Re: Your Document: “Your computer has detected a virus.” A virus? Me? But I was always so careful. Sure, I was connected to the network, and I shared my music with […]

Column: Play by the rules

With a win, maybe, just maybe we can squeak into the NCAA Tournament. Oh, I wish we could rebound better. Come on, play defense. That was a foul, ref. What game are you watching? Oh, we’d be such a good team with another year of experience. These are thoughts I’ve had while cheering on the […]

Column: A weekend in Kentucky

I guess I’m one of those stereotypically wild college kids, one who engages in irrational behavior. Behavior such as waving campaign signs on the corner of West Main and Cox streets in Lexington, Ky., at 9:30 a.m. in sub-freezing temperatures on Presidents Day. Prior to this excursion, I had no connection to, and little knowledge […]

Column: In need of vocal protest

Comedian Groucho Marx once quipped, “Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution?” The answer to his question: millions of loving gay couples who are legally barred from doing so. Although the recent ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Court is an important legal step, there needs to be a greater […]

Column: Understanding through education

Among many things I have enjoyed while at college, high on the list is meeting people from all over the world. But this cherished aspect of attending school in the District may be changing. According to a report by the Institute of International Education, enrollment by international students in the past year increased by less […]

Column: Skewed primary system

Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes is all that separates my home in Nebraska from the momentary epicenter of the political world, Iowa. Iowa’s caucus is the first contest between the parities’ candidates for president. The voters of Iowa and New Hampshire, home to the first state primary, have disproportionate power in choosing the candidates for president. […]

Column: Donate blood and save a life

Roughly 220,000 pints of blood are on campus right now. It’s time they be put to good use. Every day trauma victims, premature babies, cancer patients and others need a total of 38,000 units of blood. A transfusion is needed in this country once every two seconds, according to the American Red Cross. Conscious of […]

Column: What are monuments really for?

People ask me: “So Ben, what’s the biggest difference between D.C. and Omaha, your hometown?” There are of course many answers. D.C. has more people, noise and umbrellas. Honestly, it has been so rainy lately there are fish drowning. With perhaps the exception of the District’s daily deluge, the other things can be found in […]