Ben Delman

Ben Delman: And now, the D.C. Olympic team

It takes time after moving to a new place to really feel a part of it. These rites of passage could include adopting the local accent or acquiring obscure knowledge of where you live. Washington, D.C., is no different. One can’t really call themself a resident of the District until he or she becomes angry […]

Column: Covering their assets

A few weeks ago, I went to see the film “The Aristocrats,” which features many different comedians telling the same joke. In case you haven’t heard, it is undoubtedly the filthiest joke ever told. As soon as I heard such a movie was being made, I naturally had to see it. At the theater, I […]

Column: Growing pains are manageable

Think you know GW? Sure, you may know we were founded in 1821, that Colin Powell and Jackie Onassis are graduates or that a hippo is our unofficial mascot. What you probably don’t know is how much this University has changed in the past ten years. Since 1994, the number of enrolled freshmen has increased […]

Column: A plan for the Dems

For some four months now the debate has raged – in classrooms, coffeehouses and wherever else us liberal-intellectual types supposedly congregate – over how and why John Kerry did not take the oath of office on January 20. The past election not only touched off concern about the Democrats inability to beat Bush, but the […]

Column: The good and the bad

Like most of you, I get my SA news Monday to Thursday, Thursday to Monday, from The Hatchet. Last Thursday, for the first time in a while, the SA news actually reported on something the organization is trying to do that would benefit students. Then last Monday, the SA reverted back to its old problems. […]

Column: Work it out

Every frosh down in frosh-ville likes HOVA a lot, but the Advisory Neighborhood Commission who lived just north of frosh-ville most certainly did not. The ANC hated HOVA … no one quite knows the reason. They hated it, and the whole school-year season. It could be that their head wasn’t screwed on quite right, or […]

Column: A “Crossfire” alternative

Ironic, the school named “most politically active” was the site of the downfall for one of the most well known political talk shows. Perhaps you remember the Friday of Colonials Weekend, when “Crossfire’s” guest was Jon Stewart. In what became one of the most well-known episodes of “Crossfire,” Stewart went on a lengthy diatribe against […]

Column: An SA image makeover

Members of our Student Association are dropping seven large on expensive meals? Harrumph. While it would be easy simply to ridicule these hungry, hungry, hippos, it is more useful to discuss how the SA can move beyond these foodgate scandals to gain respect from GW students. Though $7,000 sounds like a lot of money, it […]

Column: Let’s not put the students on Board

Recently, The Hatchet used an entire page in the opinions section to convince you of the need for student representation on GW’s Board of Trustees. In one column, I would like to convince you otherwise. Though I agree with the need for the board to be more transparent about its actions, putting student representatives on […]

Column: What they should say

Tonight is another opportunity to go out and get an early jump on the weekend. But this Thursday is different than most other Thursdays. As you probably know living on this politically charged campus, tonight is the first presidential debate. I will no doubt be watching. I have a feeling though, I’ll be at least […]