Becca Popkin

Coffee Talk

Originally Published 01/21/99 Washington, D.C. is in dire need of some hipper, trendy, New York City-esque hangouts. At last, one has made an appearance – Tryst. Located smack dab in the middle of Adams Morgan, Tryst is a coffeehouse with a unique style. Tryst, with its unofficial motto “no corporate coffee, no matching silverware,” has […]

Cardigans re-emerge with darker sound

The Cardigans are back with a new sound – one that is darker and less pop-based than the catchy, overplayed bubble gum hit from 1997, “Love Fool.” With the release of its fourth album, Gran Turismo (Mercury), The Cardigans seem to be determined to exchange the type-casted, happy-go-lucky sound with one that delves into realms […]

Dial-7 rings listeners with flavorful album

Dial-7’s debut album, Never Enough Time (Warner Bros.), demonstrates it is not just another band from the musically fertile land of Orange County, Calif. With a blend of rock, hip-hop, reggae and funk, Dial-7 has created its own sound. The band already has proven itself on the West Coast with soldout shows and incredible live […]

Soul Coughing explores new dimension on El Oso

El Oso (Warner Bros.), the third release from the quartet that was spawned by the gutters of the New York underground, is Soul Coughing’s best album to date. Soul Coughing has taken off in every direction except a predictable one. On the band’s latest album, the styles that made the previous albums successful resonate. M. […]

R.E.M. moves up with album

The once fab four, now down to three, have done it again. R.E.M. is back – this time with a renewed spirit that blows away all expectations. Up (Warner Bros.), the newest addition to the band’s list of 12-plus albums, is not the typical R.E.M. New fans beware, old fans rejoice: This album is for […]

Depeche Mode compiles 12 years of brilliance

After skirting along the swampy edges of the music world for nearly two decades, Depeche Mode has combined the brilliance of its last 12 years on its new album, The Singles 86>98 (Mute/Reprise Records). The two-disc set compiles all the band’s singles from 1986 to the present. The set serves as a great introduction to […]

Cherry honors father with debut album

When Eagle-Eye Cherry’s album Desireless (Work) goes into a CD player, it stays there for a while. On his debut album, Cherry fuses the sounds of jazz, blues, pop, folk and modern rock into a powerful, irresistible mixture. Son of legendary jazz musician Don Cherry and brother of pop/hip-hop singers Nenah and Titiyo, Eagle-Eye Cherry […]

Aerosmith shows its staying power with 12th album

The wonders never cease when talking about the band Aerosmith. With all band members well into their 40s, Aerosmith still is rocking as hard as it did 20 years ago. Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford revealed the secret behind the band’s incredible staying power in a telephone interview Sept. 25. “It’s a burning desire,” he simply […]

Modernized `Waiting for Godot’ lingers with audience members

Two tramps who sit on a mound of dirt on a roadside simply waiting does not sound like a compelling concept for a play. But in Samuel Beckett’s dramatic modern play “Waiting for Godot,” waiting is anything but boring. The Studio Theatre’s “Waiting for Godot” brings the 1940s drama into the modern world. This 50th […]

Album shows maturity

Is Jen Trynin just another angry, independent female songwriter? At first it may seem like Alanis Morrisette has actually come out with a new album, but Morrisette’s lyrics were never as introspective and poetic as Trynin’s. Trynin has just released her second album, Gun Shy Trigger Happy (Warner Bros). With lyrics about lost love and […]