Becca Greenberg

Prince pays tribute to 1970s R&B

Just when you thought Prince couldn’t get funkier, he comes out with a new release. Appropriately titled, The Vault (Warner Bros.) whisks listeners back to the `70s, including tunes representing every genre of old school rhythm and blues. Without straying too far from his characteristic flamboyance, Prince manages to exhibit musical maturity in his new […]

Post-modern moments create confusion in `Memorandum’

Multitudes of newspaper-reading professionals spinning across a dark stage illuminated by pink spiraling lights with off-key merry-go-round music droning in the background. Sounds bizarre, right? This and many more puzzling post-modern moments occur in the GW Theatre and Dance Department’s production of Vaclav Havel’s 1965 play “Memorandum.” Entering the surreal world of post-modernism, the Department […]

Echo proves Petty’s legendary status

“Rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay,” Tom Petty said during a recent interview on “The David Letterman Show.” Petty and the Heartbreakers prove the point in their new album, Echo (Warner Bros.), which shows rock ‘n’ roll’s staying power despite changing times and changing musical styles. Although the album doesn’t have pop-driven hits like […]

Dull soundtrack struggles with same problems as film

Sometimes bad movies have good sound tracks. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels isn’t one of them. The soundtrack suffers from the same flaws as the film – it’s tragically bland with a few colorful moments. What could be expected from amateur British filmmakers who tried vigorously to mimic elements of highly successful gangster films? […]

Loaded Guns

What happens when you mix several amateur tough guys from London’s East End, a duffel bag packed with ?500,000 (about $800,000) and a few firearms? Mass confusion, which writer/director Guy Ritchie aptly demonstrates in his first feature film comedy, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (Gramercy). The film opens with a shot of London’s ashen […]

Valentine’s Day offers couples a reason to celebrate romance

Shelves are stocked with flowers and chocolate, shop windows display festive explosions of hearts and balloons and even TV Guide is advertising specials lined up for Feb. 14. The red carpet has been rolled out for Valentine’s Day. For its ardent observers, Valentine’s Day provokes both childish giddiness and a certain degree of preparation anxiety. […]

New album shows Starr’s individuality

Going solo is never an easy task, especially after providing the beat for The Beatles. But in recent years, Ringo Starr has bravely faced the challenge, launching a solo career that echoes the energy of the Fab Four and at the same time establishing his individuality as a musician, song writer and comedian. Starr’s latest […]