Barak Epstein

Africana studies merits GW support

The study of African-American history has the power to open many new doors of perception. This is linked to the fact that its subject matter is unique in human history. The transatlantic slave trade is the only example of a sudden, large-scale movement of human beings between two civilizations of such dramatically different technological and […]

Rallying to correct an injustice

It was more than 35 years ago that Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech. And how many times since then have we read sentimental opinion pieces about it? All of us know that the fight waged by the civil rights activists of the 1960s was hurt by the murder of […]

Asian crisis shows need for reforms

Only a few months ago, economists, businessmen, politicians and journalists were singing the praises of a “miracle economy” and then almost out of nowhere … wham! The Asian “miracle” economics went into a downward spiral that had ripple effects around the world, from India to Brazil to Russia, Europe and the United States. In October, […]