Ayesha Tejpar

A college diploma may not solve everything

When Jesse Vickey graduated from Duke University in 1997 with a degree in economics, he said he was one of the lucky ones to get a job on Wall Street. But when it came to the reality of finding an apartment in New York City, he soon learned he knew nothing about signing a lease […]

GW women build pillars of support

A woman has not run for the top spot in the Student Association for two years and has not been elected in three. In SA history, there has only been one female elected president: Carrie Potter, who served in 1998-99. While females have not shied away from top roles in other organizations, women leadership in […]

GW pianist debuts hot new record

Everyone takes piano lessons growing up, but most people quit because they don’t want to practice. At times, senior Melissa Giges has thought of quitting, too, but her dreams are beginning to come true because she stuck with it. The New York native releases her debut CD, No Perfect Time, this week. Giges started playing […]

Finding the fine print

Wake up. Shower. Put on make-up. Most women follow this simple routine, but, according to a new study, it may not be safe. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows cosmetics may be the reason for unusually high levels of toxins found in young women, levels exceeding the government’s safe […]

Spotlight: A shuttle ride away

Mount Vernon College holds the tradition of schooling smart and talented women. Hope Diamond owner Evelyn Walsh McLean, Radcliffe College President Ada Louise Comstock and Elizabeth Harris, co-founder of Ms. Magazine, are only a few among a list of leading alumnae. “Friends” star Courtney Cox even attended for a year before pursuing her acting career. […]

All stressed out

It is 5 a.m. Eyes glazed and stomach churning, panic sets in. Even after staring at an open textbook all night long, it does not seem like it is enough. Finals time – it’s one of the most stressful times of the year, according to most college students. Procrastination, types of testing and exam scheduling […]

Features: Fun during finals

Wild parties, day trips to different states, dinners in Georgetown and nights at the movies – all before finals. According to many students reading week does not just mean late nights poring over books. Sophomore Colleen King said she does not like to study during reading week. “Reading week in the biggest party time during […]

Spotlight: The radio man

Walk into Vice President of Communications Mike Freedman’s office and his passion is obvious. It is adorned with relics dating back to the beginning of radio broadcast. A reel-to-reel tape recorder, given to him by CBS, sits next to his desk. The recorder played the first news broadcast in America, the “World News Round-Up.” Across […]

Spotlight: From soda shop to science lab

Computers and empty desks have replaced the barstools and lively crowd once found inside the building on the corner of 21st and G Streets. A weather station monitor now faces out of the large window, once the front entrance to a shop where students stopped to buy ice cream cones between classes. The name Quigley’s […]

Spotlight: Uncoverimg the secrets of The Allen Lee

Originally Published 09/24/01 On the corner of 23rd and F streets stands a mysterious white building with royal blue shutters and a neon yellow sign blaring “The Allen Lee.” The edifice seems out of place on the border of the GW campus. Although rarely frequented by GW students, people of various ethnicities can be found […]