Ashley Roberts

RIAA suboenaes GW for names of students

Web Extra The recording industry has subpoenaed GW to reveal the identities of 19 students who allegedly violated copyright laws. The Recording Industry Associates of America has identified a group of anonymous IP addresses connected to illegal downloading. In the spring, the RIAA sent the University letters asking the students to settle on this matter […]

RIAA serves University with subpoena

Web Extra The recording industry has served the University with a subpoena requiring administrators to disclose the names of 19 students flagged for illegally downloading music, a spokesperson said. “A school is only subpoenaed for information of students who failed to contact us after they received pre-litigation letters,” Cara Duckworth, a spokesperson for the Recording […]

GW Brief: RIAA issues an additional pre-litigation notice

The recording industry has issued at least one more pre-litigation notice to a GW student as the University awaits a subpoena to disclose names of several anonymous students. The Recording Industry Associates of America sent an e-mail to the University on Sept. 28 regarding a new illegal downloader they had found on the GW network. […]

GW ordered to reveal illegal downloaders

Several record companies filed a lawsuit seeking the identities of 19 GW students who allegedly violated copyright laws. An initial complaint was filed in federal court on Sept. 27 by 10 record companies who want retribution for illegally downloaded music. On Oct. 11, the court approved a motion ordering GW to reveal the names, addresses, […]

The dead student body

A corpse uprooted in an iron coffin more than two years ago finally has a name – William. Scientists from the Smithsonian Institution determined last week that a strange body found buried in Columbia Heights was a 15-year-old student at the Columbian College Preparatory School – a former GW institution. Many graduate students helped in […]

Seller bilked University yearbook

The former salesman of GW’s yearbook pleaded guilty to mail fraud after bilking several organizations – including GW – out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Joseph Wenzl, who worked for the Dallas-based company Taylor Publishing, was indicted in May 2006 on 15 counts, according to papers filed in a Maryland District Court several weeks […]

Students warned about piracy online

This spring GW issued cease and desist letters to 19 students for the alleged illegal downloading of various forms of media in response to an escalated effort by the Recording Industry Association of America and other companies to enforce copyright laws. The RIAA sent more than 2,000 pre-litigation notices to universities starting in February, a […]

The dangers of drinking at CI

It is not uncommon for incoming freshmen to drink during their first nights as college students in Foggy Bottom, but many students do not seem clear on the consequences of their actions at Colonial Inauguration. Technically, the penalties for drinking at CI and during the academic year are the same, but the University can, and […]

Magazine honors University police chief for work

University Police Chief Dolores Stafford received a national campus safety award earlier this month for her innovative work in Foggy Bottom. Stafford, a 15-year GW employee, was recognized as Campus Safety Director of the Year by Campus Safety Magazine because she succeeded in “transforming her department’s personnel, mission and level of service,” the magazine said. […]

UPD investigates $25,000 in Townhouse Row thefts

University officials met with fraternity and sorority leaders Tuesday night to talk about safety and reimbursement as the University Police Department continues investigating the 21 thefts in Townhouse Row that occurred over winter break. UPD Inspector Mark Balazik said he could “only speak in generalities,” but assured students that UPD was being thorough in its […]