Ashley Roberts

SJT Scholarship winner follows in siblings’ footsteps

“Lightning strikes once, but we didn’t expect it to strike twice or even three times,” sophomore Bdho Gidey said as he sat in the Marvin Center with two of his sisters, Sesen and Yuhana. For the Gidey family, lightning indeed struck a third time last month when the third Gidey sibling, Yuhana, was awarded the […]

Local homeless shelter to begin offering new services

Web Exclusive Miriam’s Kitchen, a local shelter serving the area’s homeless, has added a new dinner service to its popular breakfast hours starting Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The program will require more money and volunteers but the new initiative is designed to meet more of the needs of those visiting the Kitchen, said Scott […]

Yearbook salesman who cheated GW convicted of fraud

Wednesday, June 4 A former seller of GW’s yearbook was convicted of mail fraud last week and sentenced to more than two years in prison for cheating GW and several other area schools out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to a news release from the Maryland U.S. Attorney’s office. Joseph Wenzl, 41, was […]

Court orders University to release names of downloaders

Friday, May 2, 4:07 p.m. A federal court ordered the University Monday to release the names of 19 anonymous students who are being sued by the recording industry for illegal music downloading. The Recording Industry Associates of America subpoenaed GW this October for the names of several students – identified by their IP addresses – […]

Area fraternity loses suit filed after being kicked off campus

Web Extra A judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a George Mason University fraternity late last month that argued the fraternity was unconstitutionally kicked off campus. In 2005, GMU asked its chapter of the Sigma Chi fraternity to leave campus amidst allegations of hazing, sexual assault and underage drinking. The fraternity later sued the school […]

Student prepares to fight RIAA

Sherry is not a crazy downloader. She said she was “not one of those kids who downloaded 10,000 songs.” But Sherry is now being targeted by the Recording Industry of Association of America for illegally downloading music. And as a full-time college student with two jobs, she is individually butting heads with an entertainment industry […]

Student may set legal precedent in RIAA case

Law experts are paying very close attention the recording industry’s legal battle against 19 anonymous GW students, and many claim that a decision for the students could have national significance. The GW case garnered much attention after one of the anonymous students attempted to annul a subpoena revealing his name. Few of the individuals targeted […]

Law school gets $5.1 million to fund new center

The Law School is opening a new center funded by the leftover winnings of a class action lawsuit which were donated to the University this summer. A GW alumnus and attorney won a class action lawsuit against a chemical company in 2005 regarding the unfair pricing of materials sold in the United States. The case […]

RIAA must prove probable cause in suit against illegal downloaders

A federal judge ordered the recording industry to prove it had probable cause when it issued a subpoena seeking the names of anonymous music downloaders at GW. The decision comes days after an anonymous student – targeted in the subpoena – filed a motion to stop it from being carried out. Dozens of record companies, […]