Annu Subramanian

Annu Subramanian: Religious conversations, not cliques

The hour is ripe with religious occurrence. Today marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic month-long fast from eating, drinking and sexual relations during daylight hours. It is meant to be a time of prayer and devotion to God. Today is also Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Many Jews will spend time in synagogue, […]

Annu Subramanian: GW: Your new work in progress

GW lacks spirit, community and spontaneity, or so I said in my very first Hatchet column. I said students didn’t take pride in their school and I lamented the fact that monotony had taken over my daily schedule. How wrong, or rather, how ignorant I was. Students pride themselves on their school and prove it […]

Annu Subramanian: Give more visibility to the MSSC

Let the numbers speak for themselves: In the race of races, GW loses, and that makes it tough to be a minority here. Hispanics make up 5.3 percent of the student body at GW. Only 8.6 percent of the student body is black; this insufficiently represents the 12.4 percent of the nation that is black. […]

Annu Subramanian: Journalism isn’t a dead major

Many of us have experienced the raised eyebrow and creased forehead of a middle-aged relative who just heard that we are studying journalism. He will briefly weigh whether it is worthwhile or not to taint your na’veté and then, upon realizing this battle is his to be won, will lean forward and say in a […]

Annu Subramanian: A new, nearly nude tradition

In the fall of 2001, Eric Whitehead strummed his guitar and roamed around the University of California at Los Angeles’ campus wearing nothing but short shorts. The almost-nude guitarist was protesting heightened police security on campus, and garnered a great deal of attention from the UCLA student body. Enough attention, in fact, that a group […]

Annu Subramanian: Let SMPA stand alone

It’s time that our school does itself a big favor by becoming more efficient. The School of Media and Public Affairs at GW, commonly referred to as SMPA, is a noteworthy institution that has produced numerous successful journalists, media analysts and political figures. SMPA students are assigned advisers who double as their professors. They study […]

Annu Subramanian: The ideal applicant

There are some achievements in life that cannot be attributed to grades. Scoring a game-winning goal, in the grand scheme of things, may go unnoticed. There’s no reward that accompanies earning the smile of a hungry child. And yet, it is often these events, and not an academic accolade, that compel us to act and […]

Annu Subramanian: Expertise into efficiency

It’s time for us to take responsibility for this world in which we live. Every charity prides itself on accomplishments, innovations and sweeping successes. Yet poverty, education and hunger statistics remain startling. In this country alone, the number of nonprofits exceed 1.2 million, and globally that number clocks in at around 5 million. Like some […]

Annu Subramanian: Where have all the founding fathers gone?

People say the Democrats have no spine. People say the United Nations has no backbone. People say my favorite baseball team, the San Diego Padres, is a jellyfish for trading away our good players before giving them a proper chance. Well, if that’s the case, then much of society in general has a bad case […]