Anjan Choudhury

Bush’s abortion debacle

Amid the pomp and parading of the George W. Bush inauguration, Republicans wondered how it was possible for anyone to protest the new president. However, by the end of Bush’s first full day of office, we learned that we could not begin the protests early enough. As one of its first decisions, the Bush administration […]

Forum: Not all votes counted

Throughout the past two weeks, the American public witnessed hours of endless news coverage of the election in Florida. Everyone from journalists to congressmen, even random people on the street, chimed in with thoughts on the current predicament. Multiple lawsuits are still pending in court. The issues surrounding Florida’s election are complicated and multifaceted. However, […]

Election to determine students’ futures

Imagine you were a 35-year-old mechanic with a wife and kid who is sick without health care to support you and all you see is ad after ad telling you only one side is right. I’m not that guy, and I cannot be him. However, I made a choice in this election based on who […]

Forum: Gore champions students, families

Election 2000 has proven to be one of the most substantive campaigns in recent years. Both respective campaigns have focused largely on the issues providing striking contrasts and parallels. At the end of these three presidential debates, it is clear Al Gore and George W. Bush each clearly stand for different policies serving different people. […]

Forum: Defense reality far better than `W’ claims

In times of peace, talk about war. Politicians for centuries have understood that the dialogue of national security is one way to rally voters even if the threats of war are few and far between. Campaign 2000 is no different. The Bush campaign decided a few months ago to adopt the dialogue of national security […]

College Democrats: Avoiding a costly lesson

Welcome to Campaign 2000. If there is any one issue that unites students across this University as well as around this nation, it ought to be higher education reform. While the pundits and the politicians love to sweep us up in rhetoric, it’s time for a reality check or rather, a history lesson. The two […]

Leaders for today

Every time I see a politician talking about young people today, I always hear phrases such as “future of America” or “leaders of the next generation.” The kind of phrases that say “one day, when I’m not in power, you might get a chance to do something important.” That language makes me think sometimes that […]