Andy Metzger

Keeping it real with Exit Clov

On an unseasonably warm November afternoon, the members of Exit Clov gather in a basement apartment, picking at gourmet bagels in flavors such as French toast, mocha and pumpkin. The night before, the band played a successful Halloween party. While the rest of the neighborhood is either hung over or asleep, the musicians are surprisingly […]

INTERVIEW: Just a boy from Texas. An interview with Matthew McConaughey

In his new romantic comedy, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Matthew McConaughey plays a slick, urbane super-hunk entangled in a haven’t-we-seen-these-antics-in-another-(bad) movie-before relationship with co-star Kate Hudson. But don’t mistake McConaughey’s character for his true self: McConaughey is more Texas cowboy than city sophisticate, and more bent on “just livin’” than laboring […]

PORN PART V: The end is coming, or rather, it’s here….

“I’m almost positive the one with the blue cap is the anal lube.” “No, that’s the regular lube, the red one’s the anal lube.” A director and video assistant argue, holding up what appears to be a kindergartner’s glue stick. “Are you sure? We’re going to need these soon,” the director says distractedly, eyeing the […]

PORN PART III: The nuts and a bolt

If the porn business has an equivalent of the Lower Manhattan business district, it would have to be the anonymous suburb of Chatsworth, Calif. And if porn has a Los Angeles equivalent of Wall Street then it is the ironically named Ronald Reagan Freeway. The offices of nearly every major porn studio, production company and […]

PORN RETURNS: Slutty and safe? You decide.

“John Q. Public thinks that we all beat our wives, have sex with our children and that we’re extremely liberal Democrats who are atheists,” talent agent Jim South explains in between phone calls. While South’s claim overstates people’s beliefs quite a bit, the fact remains that public perception of the world of pornography is not […]

GWeekend investigates the misunderstood genre of filth

Staring across the San Fernando Valley from atop Sepulveda Pass, one is confronted with an endless expanse of shopping malls, parking lots and freeways – the staples of suburban American life. This is the valley. It’s the place that gave us Disney, valley girls and Lucille Ball. Nestled within this seemingly innocuous part of the […]