Andy Cunningham

WEB EXTRA: Scottish fiction: Alexi Murdoch is ready for his close-up

Alexi Murdoch has kind of stayed away from the “whole major label thing”. That being said, it’s not surprising that eight months after the release of his debut album “Time Without Consequence,” he’s hitting the road on an 18 date tour across the US, including a D.C. date February 11 at Rock and Roll Hotel. […]

A hoodlum with a heart

“Tsotsi,” honored as the best foreign film at Sunday’s Oscar ceremony, brings the theme of redemption to the slums of Johannesburg, South Africa. The title character is a 19-year-old gang leader in one of the largest townships, living day by day, victim to victim. Tsotsi, which in Kwaito, the street language of South Africa, means […]

Supercharged Beer

B-to-the-E, the latest in trendy beers from Budweiser, recently became widely available across the United States, including on many store shelves throughout the D.C. area. This new concoction, beer combined with caffeine, ginseng and guarana, saw a major push from Budweiser executives after its initial release in October 2004. Its target demographic is what Budweiser […]