Andrew Vanacor

When TV news ‘goes commercial’

The news anchors for KOKH-25 in Oklahoma City introduced a report on Internet identity theft last November like they would any other segment during the station’s nightly broadcast. They told viewers that Jim Lawrence had a story about “phishing,” a scam aimed at getting financial information from internet users through e-mail. The segment, narrated by […]

Officials, activists finding the unfed in the nation’s capital

Child hunger in the United States is not like it is in poor countries. Instead of the familiar television images of extended bellies and painfully frail arms, child hunger “very often means under-nutrition and very often it can coexist with obesity,” said Kimberly Perry, director of D.C. Hunger Solutions. While child hunger in Washington, D.C. […]

Academic ‘freedom fighter’ toes partisan lines

Malcolm A. Kline is not someone who would be easily mistaken for a liberal. If his photograph on a flier announcing his speech at the University of Maryland a few weeks ago says a thousand words, they are all conservative. His expression is imposing, accented by one raised eyebrow, a bow tie and a half-smoked […]

‘Porn studies’ on the rise

More and more college professors are looking at pornography. Some of them are even watching it with their students. But it’s not the latest student-teacher sex scandal – it’s an emerging phenomenon in academia and one that some say has an important future in university curriculums. A growing number of professors are examining the historical, […]