Andrew Stone

SPOTLIGHT: Old fasioned uptown still in style

Originally Published 04/09/01 It bills itself as Washington’s premiere movie palace. Having hosted every major star from the silver screen, as well as a handful of presidents, members of Congress and other dignitaries along with the greatest films of all time, the Uptown Theatre earns the designation. The Uptown Theatre, or the Cineplex Odeon Uptown […]

TV shows get reality check

The television industry has reason to detest reality TV shows. More specifically, the Screen Actors Guild of America and Writers Guild of America have a reason. Members of these groups resent the enormous popularity of shows like “Survivor,” which films regular people with no script, and the fact that the shows have no need for […]

GW rebuilds after economic turmoil

GW’s second episode of large-scale financial instability occurred at the turn of the 20th century, when the University was known as Columbian College. In an attempt to garner more funds for the school from the Baptist Convention, Columbian College President Benaiah Whitman took some fairly drastic action, suggesting amending the school’s charter to create a […]

GW suffers financial problems early in its inception

GW, one of the leading landowners in the District, is in good financial standing now, but that has not always been the case. More than once in its 179-year history GW found itself in significant financial trouble, saved once by Congress. Struggling to become solvent and determine its educational mission, the Columbian College – GW’s […]

Naming those tunes

Bells chime throughout campus at noon and 6 p.m. daily, playing two tunes that should sound common to all who hear them. Most students should certainly be able to recognize the familiar tune of the GW fight song, but many students have trouble recognizing that the set of bell sounds are also GW’s alma mater. […]

In tune with the beat on the street

It has often been said that street musicians supply the music that is the soul of the city. In sync with the rapid pace of footsteps on the pavement, providing the beat for the day and offering a bit of entertainment, street musicians are very real and in touch with reality. So real and in […]

No parking any time?

Parking. In a major city it certainly has a different connotation than almost anywhere else. That perfectly-located spot down the street is like a mirage off in the distance, but the aggressive driver still guns the engine to reach it before anyone can claim it as their own. The driver speeds to that empty space […]

That’s what you’re watching . is that your final answer?

What will happen between Pacey and Joey? Who is the victim of the sniper’s bullet on West Wing? Will Monica and Chandler live happily together for all eternity? While perhaps not generating as much national attention as the infamous, Who shot J.R.? these surely are the questions that have been plaguing students all summer long. […]

Is living off campus making you out of touch?

Blizzards of posters and fliers around campus make it pretty obvious that something is going on this week. Advertisements from Resnet’s Laptop Information nights, to Ballroom Dancing Society meetings, to the eye-catching Want a Grandma? are plastered everywhere, from announcement boards to doors and everywhere in between. Residence halls are places students are sure to […]