Andrew Siddons

WEB EXTRA: “Mutual Appreciation” finds focus in the familiar

I bet if you asked a lot of people to play a word association game with the phrase “indie film,” they would probably respond with nothing. Literally, “nothing.” The major criticism of these films by the masses is that nothing has really happened by the time the credits role. This is true to the extent […]

Weather can’t stop Duke Ellington Jazz Festival

The second annual Duke Ellington Jazz Festival, which took place from Oct. 4 through 8, was supposed to climax with a free performance on the National Mall that would have included performances by Poncho Sanchez, Dr. John, John Scofield and Mavis Staples. But with rain and wind in the forecast, these acts were moved to […]

“Freak Show” fails to realize potential

Cartoon Network was not interested in “Freak Show,” a cartoon about a group of circus freaks who moonlight as second-string superheroes for the Pentagon. David Cross (Mr. Show, Arrested Development) and H. Jon Benjamin (Home Movies, Dr. Katz), the show’s creators, think it was a mistake that Cartoon Network wrote it off as a “Justice […]

Andrew Siddons: A heads up makes a world of difference

There have been too many courses I’ve taken at GW that I would characterize as “a complete waste of my time.” Most of these courses were during my freshman and sophomore years, and since then I’ve learned the importance of doing some research to ensure a semester with five academically fulfilling courses. Unfortunately, consulting the […]

Andrew Siddons: Make space for the arts at GW

When the Columbian College tightened its purse strings last spring, there was a great deal of noise made about changes to the Music Department. Fortunately, as The Hatchet reported last week, those changes won’t affect as many students as was once feared. Budget cuts also targeted another culturally oriented department – the film studies minor. […]

“Confetti” mockuments excesses of wedding culture

The best way to describe “Confetti” (Fox Searchlight) would be to say that it’s a romantic comedy directed by Christopher Guest (“This Is Spinal Tap,” “Best in Show,” etc.) – except that Guest isn’t directing it at all. Filling in is a Brit by the name of Debbie Isitt, a writer and director new to […]

WEB EXTRA: The Protector: A martial arts virtuoso

Don’t bother eating at the Thai Place this weekend. Instead, head to Georgetown and catch a screening of Tony Jaa’s “The Protector” for a different kind of Thai experience. If you’re not familiar with Tony Jaa, you will be soon. He’ll be Kung Fu’s next big thing, and although he lacks the comedic chops of […]

Psychotic cartoon characters are cute as a button

The adorable animals of the cartoon “Happy Tree Friends,” like many of their animated predecessors, do not have coherent dialogue. This suits the artistic vision of the show’s creator, Kenn Navarro. “It would be as wrong as when Tom and Jerry spoke in their movie,” he said. And really, it’s about what characters do – […]

Bathed in controversy

This film is about Israel, a particularly controversial country. A lot of people have very strong opinions on it; some people don’t. If you are one of the latter, you will really enjoy “Walk on Water” (Samuel Goldwyn Films) for its riveting storyline, complex characters, sharp cinematography and solid pacing; if you are one of […]

Film Review: “Downfall”

“Downfall” (Constantin Film Produktion) is a great film from beginning to end. There is one scene from the film’s beginning, however, that I think will live in my memory for a very long time; in 1942, Adolf Hitler (Bruno Ganz) is looking for a new secretary. Five young women have been granted personal interviews with […]