Andrew Siddons

Andrew Siddons: Reflections on reflection

This is a really difficult column to write. It’s not that I’m emotional because it’s the last thing I’ll ever write for The Hatchet. It’s just that I’m already sick of reading retrospectives from my fellow seniors. The Hatchet has had a larger graduating class than it has in recent memory, and for each senior, […]

Andrew Siddons: SJT is headlining Commencement, get over it

In June of 2003, when I graduated from high school, my class was expecting a commencement on a beautiful early summer’s day, on the elegant quad atop our sprawling green lawn. But Mother Nature wouldn’t have it, as rain forced the ceremony into a humid gym. It was kind of a bummer. Four years later, […]

Andrew Siddons: Hands off Alumni House

There’s a not-so-great rumor around campus that you might have read about on this page. In her March 1 column, “Beating the ‘buff and blue’ blues,” (p. 4) Hatchet Contributing Opinions Editor Diana Kugel mentioned the possibility that President-elect Steven Knapp might be moving into Alumni House. Kugel likes the sound of this, arguing that […]

Andrew Siddons: Communicate to stop confusion on campus

There was an alleged assault on campus last week, but this may be the first time you’re hearing of this. While it was reported on the pages of The Hatchet (“Student Alleges Assault in Academic Center,” Feb. 26, p. 1), it slipped through the cracks of our campus-wide conversation. The first I heard about it […]

Comedians Todd Barry + Leo Allen perform in Arlington

While it’s important to avoid sweeping generalizations, it’s prudent to draw small, if not fully formed, conclusions from particular situations. For instance, last Friday, at the Arlington Drafthouse & Cinema (which was moonlighting as a comedy club on weekends), I learned from Todd Barry and Leo Allen that comedians are only funny when they want […]

Black Snake moans the blues

Craig Brewer knows that it’s hard out there for a pimp, or a film director. The road leading up to 2005’s “Hustle & Flow,” the film that catapulted him into the big leagues, was not an easy one. When financial woes put the film in an uncertain place and anxiety attacks overcame him, he looked […]

“The Astronaut Farmer”: a ray of light in trying times

A few weeks ago, NASA made a lot of news headlines, not by the virtue of any successes that these days are few and far between at the space agency, but because Lisa Nowak, a former astronaut, went crazy and tried to kidnap another pilot in a crime of passion. “The Astonaut Farmer” is the […]

Evolving debate

Remember that whole intelligent design controversy a little while back? If you don’t, it might be worth it to take some time and reflect. This Thursday, for one night only at the Avalon Theatre, you can catch a screening of “Flock of Dodos,” a documentary about the so-called controversy. Thankfully, the film is less esoteric […]

Andrew Siddons: An open letter to our benevolent leader

Dear President Trachtenberg, I hope this letter finds you well. I hope you’re enjoying your last semester at GW as much as I am. At the very least, it seems that your post-graduation plans are in slightly better order than mine. Anyway, as your book, titled “Write Me a Letter! The Wit and Wisdom of […]