Andrew Phillips

INTERVIEW: Sparta Sucks and We Hate Them

So the guys were pretty nice, but their manager was definitely pissed. He wore a guarded smile, making no attempt to hide the anger in his eyes. “What are you doing up here. I said I’d meet you and bring you up.” “I, umm, well I . ” I had no response. I’d been shooting […]

INTERVIEW: Sexy Rock and Rolling with OK GO

Interrogation style. It feels more like I’m the one being questioned. A splitting blue-yellow light radiates, across my eyes as I feel across the table, grasping for a hand. So this is the world of a rock star. Sure there’s sex drugs, and all that; but there’s also people watching you all day, every day. […]

INTERVIEW: Weeping with Jimmy Eat World

So you think they are a 12-year-old girl’s band? OK, we know they’re pretty guys, with sensitive eyes and passionate anthems about lost love. And maybe they’ve been riding the wave of MTV success, catering to the sensibilities of a nation obsessed with pop culture. So maybe the members of Jimmy Eat World are just […]

INTERVIEW: Louis Black smokes the hatchet

Wrinkled skin is scary thing. Folds, distorted by pale florescent lights. Sometimes I get a quick shock entering the room because of these things. I’m suddenly afraid I’ve taken on too much, that I’ll freeze up. I’m some kid, and he’s that bitchy old guy from “The Daily Show.” We don’t have anything to talk […]

The dead are rising

Nothing good comes out of Texas; that’s what my dad used to say. Strike that. Some good things come out of Texas. Young, indie, hardcore rockers . And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead is one of them. The Austin, Texas quadruplet ruled the stage at the 9:30 Club Aug. 30, after […]

Cruising the Hot Rod Circuit

I covered my ears, wincing as electrical shrieks in painfully grating tones resonated through a church auditorium. Despite my reaction, Hot Rod Circuit played on in a vain attempt to combat the disinterest, and sometimes disdain, of an apathetic crowd. Even taken in context, the show was pretty awful. My prognosis: this band sucks and […]

Another odd couple

An uptight British guy teamed with a wily street hustler to save the world? Parents hide your children, the hilarity inherent in the clash of their personalities is too much to handle. I’ll admit, it sounds bad, but Bad Company isn’t actually as bad as it could be. Jack Hayes (Chris Rock) is a young […]

INTERVIEW: Hollywood pretty-boy fights compulsion to lie

Whispered conversations across the lunch table conjure illusions of grandeur, recognition and Hollywood success. Big plans burst from the mouths of little kids. Children get bigger, though, and sometimes so do their plans. Ben Affleck and schoolyard chum Matt Daemon have made their careers realizing the plans first scratched on notebooks and discussed together between […]