Andrew Phillips

John Malkovich tells tales of Prestige and Pretension

In Being John Malkovich we view the film’s namesake as a staunch performer, resigned to intellectual snobbery. He’s anal retentive, obsessive and unquestionably dull. Is this the real man we see, or perhaps simply a comic shadow? As Malkovich himself said in a recent Hatchet interview, it may be a bit of both. “Yes, I […]

Foley and friends

“There’s a weird experience I had with Al (Pacino) once: we left some place and all of a sudden the people on the street were stopping. For a second and a half I got kind of excited like ‘oh, something’s going on. Somebody’s here.’ I was curious. Then I realized, it was fucking Al.” James […]

Departing editors: Arts editor bids adieu

To: N.C.A.L. Reports Committee From: Sydney Millstone, Minister of Covert Operations RE: Andrew Phillips/The National Park Service Dear Mr. Chairman, I am writing in response to your query regarding my aid in operation “Defoliate for Fun and Profit.” I have, as you know, for the past few years conducted an investigation, and am sorry to […]

INTERVIEW: Indie pop stars on the long haul to U.S. success

“Can I have a piece of bread?” My eyes move quickly, darting from a young girl’s face to the van’s floor. Wedged between metal and cloth sits a loaf of white bread. Mushed and sweaty, it’s been there awhile. “Of course, you want an apple too?” The girl, pressed up against the club’s main entrance […]

INTERVIEW: Canada’s Flashlight Brown makes the gals scream

Out front little girls are screaming, lost in the throes of juvenile infatuation. Backstage, the sounds are muted, the scene, less juvenile. “This teacher told me if I was one of her students, I’d be out on my ass.” Playing public schools can be such a drag. I guess she smelled beer on his breath. […]

INTERVIEW: An “Excellent” Adventure

The year was 1988. These words, as if coming from the very source of all emotion, rang from the screen, and forever laid the century’s best literary works to waste. A nation, in one singular thrust, raised its hands and in a fury of air guitar, pronounced the film to be an undeniably “excellent” adventure. […]

INTERVIEW: John Travolta on fighting, flying, and rumors of a ‘Grease 3’

I feel vulnerable, exposed. Blinking, I turn for a moment. My eyes come back around, meeting the same unflinching gaze. It’s friendly, but with an intense, undeniable focus. Maybe it’s the residual hairspray, the memory of “good times” and poodle skirts. Perhaps he’s simply adhering to some secret doctrine of scientology that says you have […]

INTERVIEW: A boy named Goo, or rather Robby

The harrowing gaze of Hollywood industry types makes everyone ugly. Facts are fact, man; if you’re not pretty you better rock pretty damn hard. So OK, Robby Takac’s not a stinker, but he doesn’t have Johnny Reznik’s pristine poise, or his wind-swept hair. So why is this guy the coolest Goo Goo Doll? It’s not […]