Andrew Pazdon

Andrew Pazdon: Pistols and polling

There is no question that I love liberty, so much so that I have stolen my home state’s motto of “Live Free or Die” and taken it as my own personal mantra. There’s a catch though. With a reverence for liberty must also come a respect for the laws that govern us – even though […]

Andrew Pazdon: Wait, I thought I was here to learn?

Last summer, when I mustered the inner courage required to view my first tuition bill without swooning or breaking something, I noticed a $50 library donation that I didn’t remember making. Being naive however, my initial reaction was not, “Where did this extra charge some from?” Rather it was, “Cool, does this mean I get […]

Andrew Pazdon: Think of it as an investment

University of the District of Columbia students gained an apparent victory over the system when their university lowered and spread out a highly protested and steep tuition increase for next year. The original plan was to raise tuition from $3,800 to $7,000 a year for full-time, four-year District residents, but instead (with help from the […]

Andrew Pazdon: You thought that was snow?

The president and I seem to have something in common: We are both having difficulty fathoming why D.C. gets so worked up over a little wintry weather. As I write this, my home state of New Hampshire is preparing to receive a common snowstorm of about 10 inches of snow. A half-inch of snow plus […]