Andrew Novak

1904 to 1912: Events

January 23, 1904 Congress grants charter to the George Washington University. Baptist affiliation of Columbian University dropped as GW becomes non-sectarian. Trustees unanimously approve name change in May. June 22, 1904 Columbian College of Arts and Sciences incorporated; Professor William Allen Wilbur becomes first dean. Fall 1904 School year begins with 1,243 students in six […]

A Look Back: Financial distress marks nation, GW

Many of the changes experienced by GW in the early-twentieth century were products of a changing America. Much like today, world and national events affected University life and forced GW administrators to cope with new situations. The most severe shocks to University life was the stock market crash and widespread bank failures known as the […]

A president’s mixed past

The Marvin Center, which celebrated its 33rd birthday in February, carries the name of one of the University’s most historic and controversial figures. President Cloyd Heck Marvin’s presidency was a time of great expansion for the University. It was also marked by great turmoil. This year marks the 75th anniversary of his three-decade reign as […]

Geography Dept. prepares for move

Geography department officials said they are excited to leave their current home in the Quigley’s Pharmacy building for double the space in the 1957 E St. facility when it opens later this semester. Though plans for Quigley’s remain up in the air, officials said the building will not be used for academic purposes, said Craig […]

Organizers raise funds for MLK statue for Mall

Washington residents will witness an historical groundbreaking in November, when officials plan to dedicate a new memorial on the National Mall to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Nobel laureate and slain civil rights leader will be the first black and non-president person to be honored in such a way. Titled “The Man, […]

GW considers study abroad list additions

University officials said they are considering study abroad programs to add to the list of affiliated programs for the fall 2003 semester and will announce the new list at the end of the spring. The University announced early this semester that it would stop accepting credit from unaffiliated study abroad programs next fall because of […]

ROTC, University policies differ

Although GW’s anti-discrimination policy prohibits bias based on sexual orientation “in any University-recognized area of student life,” a federal law against homosexual conduct in the armed services gives the Reserve Officer Training Corps an exemption from the rule. Universities that interfere with ROTC recruiting regulations upholding the military’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t pursue, don’t […]