Andrew Nacin

From Baldwin to Boyer: A brief history of SA controversies

Presidential candidate Kyle Boyer was two votes shy of winning the Student Association presidential seat this year and has since been disqualified from the runoff election in dispute over the fair market value of a borrowed car. The ordeal will likely be remembered as one of the SA’s greatest electoral controversies, but there have been […]

Electrician causes major fuel spill

About 500 gallons of heating oil spilled from tanks underneath University Yard over spring break when an electrician forgot to turn off a pump, a University spokesperson said Tuesday. The spill forced the evacuation of multiple GW buildings on March 14. The active pump was refilling a tank on the roof of Lisner Hall with […]

Student Court keeps Boyer off ballot

This post was written by Alli Hoff and Andrew Nacin. The Student Court ruled on Tuesday to uphold the Joint Election Committee’s decision to disqualify presidential candidate Kyle Boyer from the Student Association runoff election. In a 2-1 decision, the Court found that the Joint Elections Committee did not “abuse its discretion” in disqualifying Boyer, […]

Law School complex evacuated due to fuel spill

Updated March 15, 5:45 p.m. Multiple GW buildings were evacuated Saturday night after “possibly a few hundred gallons” of heating oil leaked from underground tanks into the basement of Lisner Hall, a University spokeswoman said. University spokeswoman Tracy Schario said the heating oil came from two underground tanks adjacent to Lisner Hall, each able to […]

Dolores Stafford: UPD is committed to professionalism

University Police Department Chief Dolores A. Stafford assures the GW community that UPD officers are very professional in their approaches to keeping GW safe. “I have nothing but pride when it comes to leading the GW Police Department. Our officers are some of the most talented, well educated, highly trained and thoughtful officers I’ve seen […]

Wajert: Checking the state of the Pequod

Columnist Lyndsey Wajert, a freshman, cautions proceeding with costly Science Center construction in our unsteady economy. “Given the turbulent economic seas battering all colleges, I advise GW’s Board of Trustees, administration and faculty to be sure all the important questions have been fully considered before going through with the plan to build a new Science […]

Clark: Time for readjustment

In his column today, sophomore Andrew Clark wrote: “It’s hard to analyze the meaning of elections until years later, so I can’t come out and say whether this election was a deep “realignment” or just simply a repudiation of the Bush administration – but we can look at raw numbers. “Regardless, the Republican Party has […]

Laliberte: For those who cannot

Respond to senior Joe Laliberte’s column: “Some people in this world don’t have the humbling opportunity to elect their leader. In January, when we inaugurate Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States, there will be no rebellion, military takeover or installed dictator. This peaceful transfer of power is an example of the […]