Andrew Holland

Column: Betting it all on gambling reform

Nevada is universally recognized as the gambling capital of the world, a desert oasis where nearly anything goes. Not too far outside Las Vegas, which boasts more than half the world’s largest hotels each replete with casinos that do billions of dollars in business each year, even prostitution is legal. Another nearly universally recognized taboo […]

Finding Forrester falls short of potential

Two unlikely heroes, in the shadow of Yankee Stadium, discover themselves through each other. This is the central theme of Finding Forrester (Columbia Pictures), the uplifting story of a reclusive author and a young basketball star with a hidden talent for writing. Finding Forrester has a remarkable tale to tell but at times lacks the […]

Senate should deny Ashcroft position

The Senate Judiciary Committee begins hearings Tuesday on the nomination of former Missouri Sen. John Ashcroft, the man President-elect George W. Bush has chosen to serve as Attorney General. Senators should scrutinize Ashcroft and his record on such important issues as civil rights, including protections for gays and women, abortion and gun control. Ashcroft is […]