Andrew Holland

Column: SJS serves students’ needs

I read with interest The Hatchet’s Feb. 11 (“Panel plans SJS review”) article covering Student Association Executive Vice President Josh Singer’s announcement that he was urging the Joint Committee of Faculty and Students to reform the Code of Student Conduct. While at GW, I gained unique insight into the judicial system serving as a presiding […]

Return to Center: GHB contributes to deaths

Alexander Klochkoff, a sophomore at the University of Maryland College Park, was found outside his Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house facedown with no pulse in a beanbag chair Sept. 5. Police immediately ruled out foul pay and alcohol poisoning in the 20-year-old’s death, but toxicology tests now show that Klochkoff’s death may have been caused […]

Letter to the Editor: Patriotic to protest

I am not a member of the GW Action Coalition, and I am personally still undecided as to whether I would support military retaliation for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, especially since no one is really sure of the perpetrator of these attacks. However, reading Bill Eldridge’s recent article (“Wrong to protest retaliation for terror,” […]

Column: AIDS origin offers lesson for future

A lingering sore throat brought him into the hospital. That raw, burning feeling would not go away. It was April 1983 and Dirk Diefenbach found out he was infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Diefenbach died at 5:18 a.m., Sunday, June 26, 1983 – just two months after he learned of the infection. […]

George W. should lead dialogue on alcohol

Most students are aware of the legal troubles of Jenna and Barbara Bush, the daughters of President George W. Bush, who are also college students. The twins were both charged with alcohol offenses when Jenna was caught using a fake ID and Barbara was found in possession of alcohol as a minor at a popular […]

Column: Cold case a lesson for new students

On Saturday night, December 3, 1988, 22-year-old Warren Fulton took his girlfriend Rachel Raver to Mister Days, a bar located at 19th and M Streets that recently closed but was once a favorite spot for GW athletes. Fulton, captain of the GW baseball team, lived in nearby Vienna, Va., with his parents, but he often […]

Column: Lift biased ban, respect rights of gays

Equality before the law is one of the fundamental principles upon which American society is built. From this principle judges have declared discrimination in all its hurtful forms, subtle though they may be, to be anathema to American values. Still, one very significant portion of society is closed to a great deal of Americans simply […]

Column: Stop using college sports as path to pros

Over a century ago, Harper’s Weekly published a cartoon critical of development of college sports in America. One man leaning across a desk asks another, “How do you spell opshinul, Sam? Come on, I thought you had a college education.” Sam replies, “Did; but it was opshinul whether I took in Greek and Latin or […]

Column: Put an end to gun violence in schools

A shot rings out down the hall. Confusion, then terror spreads across the faces of teachers and students. Another community has become the victim of “random” violence, of the prevalence of guns; America is again shocked by the rage of a child. Too often school shootings splash across the pages of national newspapers like so […]

Column: The reality of the AIDS epidemic

Despite new treatments, a wide understanding of how it is spread and a collective sense that the worst is behind us, the AIDS crisis is by no means over. The horrors of AIDS could only be beginning. Nowhere is the AIDS crisis more acute than in the slums and refugee camps of sub-Saharan Africa, the […]