Andrew George

Students bring Shakespeare to GW

Patrick Hanley had a desire to see Shakespeare’s “Henry V” – the play about good “Prince Hal” coming of age – but there were no Shakespeare companies on campus. So he created his own. Hanley, along with Dan Harris, co-founded what is now the GW Shakespeare Company with no funding and no resources. “It was […]

Movie Review: “Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?”

Seems like a fair enough question, doesn’t it? Morgan Spurlock’s sophomore documentary film takes him throughout the Middle East in search of the answer. With his first child well on its way, Spurlock decides to do what he can to make the world safer: travel this perceivably troublesome part of the world to find the […]

The Hatchet visits: The D.C. Independent Film Festival

The D.C. Independent Film Festival got off to a roaring start last Thursday night, March 6, at GW’s own Jack Morton Auditorium, located inside the School of Media and Public Affairs building. This year’s festival, spanning 11 days, will feature a total of 108 films, 24 themed-film showcases, daily receptions, film seminars and various musical […]

Movie Review: “The Signal”

“Do you have the crazy?” People in the futuristic, fictional city of Terminus ponder this very question as a mysterious signal is transmitted through the city’s airwaves, infecting anyone who comes across it. In “The Signal” (POP Films, Shoreline Entertainment), those infected with “the crazy” embark on murder sprees, inflicting harm on their fellow civilians […]

Movie Review: “Semi-Pro”

In Will Ferrell’s newest film, he takes on the role of an egotistical, self-centered basketball player who lives a lavish lifestyle – complete with hordes of beautiful women, expensive liquor and acute fame. (If this is all beginning to sound familiar, it should.) No, Ricky Bobby (“Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”) is not […]