Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark: A conservative’s take

Amid the two million people crowded on the National Mall to watch President Barack Obama’s inaugural address, I promise that there was at least one Republican there. I’ll spare you the melodramatics and I won’t launch into some somber soliloquy of reflection and history. It truly was an incredible moment for me, though not because […]

Andrew Clark: I voted ‘yes’ on Prop 8

I’m coming out of the closet: As a Californian, I voted yes on Proposition 8 to ban gay marriage. Not because of religious reasons and not because the Bible tells me to – rather, for entirely secular reasons. I don’t think gay marriage is something that California or the United States needs to pursue. First […]

Andrew Clark: Time for readjustment

It’s hard to analyze the meaning of elections until years later, so I can’t come out and say whether this election was a deep “realignment” or just simply a repudiation of the Bush administration – but we can look at raw numbers. Regardless, the Republican Party has a lot of work to do. For starters, […]

Andrew Clark: Democrats fuel economic crisis hype

Deregulation has failed. The free market has collapsed. The era of economic capitalism is over. If you’ve been listening to the pundits, that’s all you have been hearing about our economic crisis. Far from an image of reality, these are the left’s talking points that are fed into the media by the Obama campaign and […]

Andrew Clark: Rumor has it…

If you haven’t heard by now, is the latest explosive gossip craze to hit The George Washington University. The news of the Web site has spread like wildfire, and it now has a whopping 16 pages worth of blog threads about GW students, with countless replies posted under each one. Discussions, if you can […]

Andrew Clark: Real world credit

As college kids, we know strikingly little about economics. Now calm down. Before you start rattling off facts about supply and demand, let me just say those aren’t the economics I am talking about. In high school and college economics courses, we learn all about the nature of the U.S. economic structure, about the effect […]

Picking apart Palin, McCain’s wild-card VP

If you had bet someone a week ago that a young, unknown governor of Alaska would become the Republican vice-presidential nominee – and that her 17-year-old daughter would be pregnant and marrying the father – you would have been laughed off the Hill. Lesson learned. As far as bets go, nothing is off the table […]

Andrew Clark: Obama’s questionable next step

In this election’s Democratic contest, it appears that the college vote has finally made a difference. Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) secured the Democratic bid for the presidency through the support of college students, 70 percent of whom came out to the polls for him. But is this really a surprise? College students across America are […]

Andrew Clark: Up against the Republican machine

After Barack Obama’s loss in Tuesday night’s Pennsylvania Democratic primary, it seems that God-fearing and gun-loving Pennsylvanians aren’t the ones who are bitter. Pennsylvania’s rejection of Sen. Obama (D-Ill.) is invariably making the presidential candidate rue the candor he had at that San Francisco dinner last week. But in that moment of honesty as well […]

Andrew Clark: Separation of home and state

Just when I had started warming up to the Clinton family in the Democratic race, Chelsea went ahead and said something that brought me back to square one and reminded me of what I hate most about politics. Campaigning at Butler University a few weeks ago, the former first daughter was playing her part in […]