Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark: Adrian Fenty isn’t the election’s only loser

Students, not Adrian Fenty, were the ones who lost the most this week in D.C.’s high-pitched election for Mayor. If incoming Mayor Vince Gray gets rid of D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee, D.C. students will have lost their best advocate and friend in the government. The D.C. public school system is a textbook case […]

Andrew Clark: A more conservative change

To all the incoming freshmen, transfer students and everyone else who has returned to the District after a long, hot summer: we could not have picked a more exciting time to come to Washington, where politics, culture and everything in between seem to collide. Nearly two years ago, GW erupted into euphoria when President Barack […]

Andrew Clark: A collapsed majority

There may not have been a drunken celebration outside the White House like last year, but you can bet that the Obama administration has heard loud and clear the message from Tuesday’s election. Republican Bob McDonnell, who addressed GW conservatives earlier this year in a speech, swept Virginia’s gubernatorial race. Republican Chris Christie, running for […]

Andrew Clark: Admiring Rhee-form

Ask me who one of my favorite contemporary political heroes is, and you may be surprised at the answer. She’s actually a Democrat, serving right here in Washington D.C. as the D.C. Chancellor of Public Schools – Michelle Rhee. Rhee, appointed to the position by Mayor Adrian M. Fenty in 2007, has launched a war […]

Andrew Clark: Rejecting health care reform

Don’t listen to what the pundits say about our generation; as a college student, you should be the first in line to oppose President Obama’s health care plan. On the surface, it may seem like the Democrats’ plan will be a boon for our generation. Cheap insurance? Good benefits? We should be clamoring for it! […]

Andrew Clark: Are we hung over from Obama-mania yet?

Alcohol isn’t the only thing that can give you a hangover. This year, Obama-mania will give it to you as well. President Obama has been in office for nine months. Regardless of your political persuasion, as we return to campus, we can all agree that the Obama-mania was extremely overrated. We all remember the Obama-mania […]

Andrew Clark: All’s fair in politics and journalism

So it looks like the Fairness Doctrine has died out in Congress, at least for now. Anyone at GW who believes in free speech, particularly the staff of The Hatchet, should be pleased to hear that. In case you don’t know, the Fairness Doctrine was a government policy produced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) […]

Andrew Clark: Beware The Populist

Web Extra We’re all populists now? Well, certainly no one at GW is. The word populism has been floated around in recent weeks to describe the seething public anger towards “mega-bonuses” paid to “greedy” AIG executives, the growing hostility to banks and the public outcry that the word “bailout” is rapidly becoming a loaded word […]

Andrew Clark: Generation Bailout

Is our generation of smart, young, ambitious students really going to settle with what the Obama administration is doing to the economy? Within five short years, we are going to be the ones entering the workplace, earning salaries, seeking careers, taking loans, paying taxes and finding jobs. It’s no secret that our economy is in […]

Andrew Clark: Way past last call

The farce that is President Obama’s wasteful economic stimulus bill still (even after the compromise) has dozens of provisions that need to be seriously reconsidered. However, cutting out much of the billions of dollars in new education funding from the bill was a good place to start and I say we should cut out even […]