Andrea Philpot

Rainmaker mixes humor with drama

Unlike other John Grisham novels-turned-feature-films, The Rainmaker (Paramount Pictures) is not just another gavel-banging courtroom drama. Instead, the movie is fun and entertaining as it manages to find humor in the serious world of law. Matt Damon (Courage Under Fire) plays Rudy Baylor, a wet-behind-the-ears lawyer who has yet to try his first case. Practicing […]

Greed and jealousy snakethrough Devil’s Advocate

Greed and jealousy snakethrough Devil’s Advocate Andrea PhilpotWeekend Writer Greed, hubris, jealousy, competition, lust and dishonesty run rampant in Devil’s Advocate (Warner Brothers) to create a unique film. The movie springs from the coming of the new millennium – and with it, the Apocalypse. With scenes in which people turn into monsters, walls come to […]