Andrea Nurko

Tools for the college vocabulary

What do garden hoes, hammers, men in designer jeans and class suck-ups have in common? They’re all tools, according to many GW students. Just as popular ’90s flicks like “Clueless” integrated the Valley Girl phrases “whatever” and “as if” into last decade’s vernacular, a new generation of young adults has again refreshed the English language. […]

A culture up in smoke

Senior Natalie Apsell took a drag of her first cigarette in the beginning of high school, but she wouldn’t label herself a smoker until her freshman year at GW, when addiction truly kicked in. “That’s when I was addicted physically and psychologically,” she said, recalling nights when she would gather with friends on the benches […]

Feeling the blues away from home

When the weekend rolls around, many students go dancing at the D.C. clubs or guzzle beers at campus parties. For others, it begins a few restful days of shopping, museum hopping or movie marathons with friends. But for some students, especially those new to campus, the weekends mark one of the loneliest points of the […]

Melodies at the Metro

Charley Silkwood led his band last week during the final song of the night: a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Beast of Burden.” His audience did not clump together, looking up in admiration as they swayed to the smooth, rolling tunes pumping out of his speakers. No one demanded he reappear on stage for an […]

Facebook grows in popularity

Alejandra Ramos is puzzled and probably feeling out of the loop. “What is this Facebook stuff?” the senior asked. “Everyone keeps asking me, ‘Are you on Facebook?’” And she has to be. Everyone at GW is on, an online friends network that connects students from several universities through friends, classes and interests. Well, not […]

Summer beach guide

After two months of photocopying documents and faxing reports for senators, congressmen and lawyers at your internship, it’s time to treat yourself to a weekend of down time. D.C. puts shore-goers in driving distance of several beaches in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Each will give you the sun (hopefully) and sand you’ve been waiting for, […]

Bourbon chicken recipe

It’s summer in the city, and it just isn’t complete without a few annual summer traditions, like weekend beach breaks, night games at the baseball park and barbecue fresh off the grill. It’s something about the heat of the summer that draws us toward the grill to serve up juicy burgers, steaks, fish and chicken. […]

Best of GW

*** You are about to read a completely unscientific, biased survey of the very best that GW and D.C. have to offer. Some topics are serious while others just aren’t, but we promise you that all answers are completely unsupported by sound statistical evidence. In fact, answers were compiled by The Hatchet staff with some […]