Analiese Bendorf

All the Gore-y details

“I used to be the next president of the United States,” Al Gore introduces himself to audiences in “An Inconvenient Truth,” a documentary that sheds light on the dangers of global warming. Though president he’s not, the self-described “recovering politician” is now doing something that the pressures and constraints of the nation’s highest office would, […]

Rawhide romance: ‘Brokeback Mountain’ portrays forbidden love and broken hearts

There has been considerable buzz over Director Ang Lee’s new film “Brokeback Mountain” (Focus Features) – but not just critical acclaim. The film portrays gay cowboys. Yet Lee (known for beauties such as “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) doesn’t seem fazed by his subject matter, nor surprised by the attention it’s received, simply noting that “Brokeback […]

Sushi Italiano: Sette Bello

Sashimi lovers across the country are rejoicing in the burgeoning crudo trend, an Italian style of raw or lightly cooked seafood, featured at nascent Clarendon restaurant Sette Bello. It’s the latest venture from the guys that gave us Caf? Milano in Georgetown and Sette Osteria in Dupont. Though crudo has been around for ages in […]

Just like mom makes: comfort food in the District

Colonials Weekend has come and gone. That pot of homemade chicken noodle soup that mom left in your refrigerator sits empty, growing some sort of funky residue with the rest of your dirty dishes in the sink. Yet, as the weather grows chilly, you yearn for a taste of something warm and familiar. What’s a […]