Anaklara Hering

Arab, Israeli groups celebrate coexistence

Ramzi Dalbah set up a lunch of baklava desserts and kibbeh meatballs on the Quad Tuesday in preparation for a meeting he never thought he’d have. With floating Arabic music in the background, Arab Students Association President Dalbah shook hands for the first time with Student Alliance for Israel President Scott Wasserman. They met only […]

GW hires computer doctor to cure `millennium bug’

If computer experts are on target with their predictions, the year 2000 could be anything but a celebration. In fact, the dawn of the new millennium could bring everything from entire computer systems to personal desktop computers to a screeching halt. Dan Dragaset is GW’s answer to the year 2000 problem. He’s one of the […]

D.C. offers students extended classroom

When sophomore Courtney Flick holds a hedgehog or an armadillo, the sophomore biology major knows she’s getting an experience she won’t receive in any classroom. In fact, she said the hands-on training she gets twice a week as a keeper’s aid at the National Zoological Park is equally valuable to her future in veterinary medicine […]

SA and PB make Homecoming a masquerade

Traditional homecoming celebration was shadowed by GW’s presidential inaugural ball last year, and by the University’s 175th Anniversary the year before – both big events planned in large part by GW administrators. But this year, Student Association President Kuyomars “Q” Golparvar said to expect a return to tradition with more student coordination. “It’s nice to […]

Student committee to aid dean search

GW Law School students will have a voice in the search for a new dean with the creation of a student advisory selection committee, according to Roger Schechter, chair of the faculty Dean Search Committee. The faculty search committee denied the Student Bar Association’s proposal in October to seat a student as a non-voting member […]

Jiang’s arrival sparks cheers and protest

A 21-gun salute and 120 GW students were part of ceremonies welcoming Chinese President Jiang Zemin to the White House Wednesday. But the difference between the pomp and circumstance students saw during the South Lawn ceremony and the protests they heard from the park across the street represent a mixed picture of the future of […]

Symposium dissects debates and explores the youth vote

The podiums and backdrop that millions of Americans first saw during the Clinton-Dole debates last year were back on C-SPAN Monday when GW seniors Garrett Peel and Doug Miner took the stage to open a two-day conference at the Marvin Center. The Commission on Presidential Debates Symposium, co-sponsored by GW, recapped and dissected the 1996 […]