Amulya Shankar

Waiting for statehood 150 years after slavery

Dressed in traditional Union blues, civil war re-enactors marched down Pennsylvania Avenue as a reminder of history at the Emancipation Day celebration Monday. City politicians used the April 16 event commemorating President Abraham Lincoln’s signing of the Compensated Emancipation Act that freed D.C. slaves on the same day in 1862 – nine months prior to […]

Film festival inspires change

It started 20 years ago as a relatively small showcase, but it lives on today as the nation’s largest celebration of environmental film. Seeking to advance environmental causes through film, The Environmental Film Festival offers viewers the chance to witness a desire for change on screen through videos shot around the world. This year’s event […]

The quirks of growing up

The unassuming and scholastic “Speech & Debate” promotes both the off-color quirky humor and touching moments that run rampant in this decidedly not cliché dark comedy.

Celebrating the moment

FotoWeek DC’s exhibits are a photographic bazaar, offering a little bit of everything to peak curiosity. The vitality of opening night is almost intimidating. With a massive crowd moving in all directions, a steady hum of conversation and music melding into an indistinguishable amalgam of sound and so many things to see, it can be […]

Monkeying around in the fall showcase

Philosophy, Shakespeare and evolutionary science. “Words, Words, Words,” written by David Ives, combines all three themes into a comedic one-act play, blending scientific theory and witty amusement onstage. In the play, Dr. Rosenbaum tests the theory that three apes hitting random typewriter keys for an infinite amount of time will almost surely produce Shakespeare’s play […]