Amelia Williams

Journalism school tries to keep up with industry shifts

As journalists adapt to changing digital practices, the School of Media and Public Affairs’ top leader said the journalism school faces plenty of hurdles to keep up. SMPA faculty will begin sketching a plan for the school’s next five years this summer, and will be looking to incorporate data visualization and more multimedia skills into […]

Surge in Chinese students pads Columbian College’s bottom line

Correction appended When Columbian College of Arts and Sciences officials penned a financial plan three years ago, they hoped to pay for more professors with a slow, steady uptick in revenue by bringing in more graduate students. Instead, they got a surge. A massive influx of Chinese students has ballooned the graduate statistics program threefold, […]

Grants to target math, physics students

The math and physics departments will put more than half a million dollars into a scholarship program over the next five years in an effort to hold onto more undergraduates, who often drop out of those majors. The grants for 30 students will come from the National Science Foundation to boost low retention rates among […]

With economics majors in demand, class sizes swell

The number of economics majors has doubled in five years, ballooning class sizes up to 48 percent for some mid-level courses. The economics department has been one of the fastest growing departments in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences since 2007, more than doubling the number of majors to 440, according to data provided […]

Dual degree programs in admissions spotlight

The Office of Admissions will trumpet GW’s dual-degree programs, which slice the amount of time and money students need to earn a master’s degree, in an effort to hook and hold on to more top high school students through graduate school. The accelerated master’s degrees will be more heavily promoted in admissions pitches, Provost Steven […]