Amanda Panitch

Campus Myths: Fact or fiction: presidents on campus

The United States Secret Service performs many important functions: presidential protection, the investigation of counterfeit currency and – picking up Lindy’s hamburgers? Jim Eckels, the owner of Lindy’s Red Lion on 20th and I streets, confirmed the rumor that President Gerald Ford would send some of his black-suited cohorts over to I Street to bring […]

Look who’s gawking

You may have thought nobody saw you spill that drink, or drop that piece of trash, but then again, you also may not have known about the People Watching Association. “We don’t really think about other people watching us,” sophomore Joshua Patchus said. As an active member, Patchus said he is now aware that others […]

Romancing your Valentine

Dependability may be a good quality to have as a boyfriend – but not when it comes to giving your girl the same Valentine’s Day present year after year. “I need creativity,” freshman Brianna Kilcullen said, adding that her perfect Valentine’s Day gift would not be covered in pink lace. Kilcullen said she would prefer […]

Taking a leap of faith in dating

When 30 students crowded into the basement of the Hillel building wearing bold numbers taped to their chests, it looked as if a marathon was about to start. These students were here for a very different game: speed dating. On Thursday night Hillel hosted its first speed dating night – complete with candlelit tables and […]

Construction gets extreme for a new house

One man and his five sons shared one bathroom, three mattresses and barely had any heat or electricity in their New Jersey home that was crumbling down around them. That changed when ABC’s Emmy-winning reality show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” partnered with a local construction company to rebuild their home and their lives. Senior Karrinne […]