Amanda Pacitti

A humble opinion

You, college-aged media consumer, are so smart. So very, very smart. Be it your scoffing at Zac Efron’s finely groomed coif or fondly recalling those naked cell phone pictures of Vanessa Hudgens, you get it: High School Musical is endlessly absurd. You are perceptive, intensely so. I know this because I heard you making astute […]

Finding tomorrow’s Hemingway

“You can print today’s Hemingway,” said junior Tarek Al-Hariri. “That’s not an accomplishment. We want to print tomorrow’s Hemingway.” Al-Hariri will release The Rome Review, a biannual literary magazine, this December. Although the publication is based out of the University – with students and English department faculty collecting and editing the pieces – the focus […]

14th Grade performs ‘The Seagull’

For Jessica Creane, realizing an artistic vision meant going as far as bringing live sod into the Lisner downstage. Video: “The Seagull” This weekend marks the release of “The Seagull,” a four-act play by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov. Creane, a senior majoring in political communication and creative writing, chose to direct the show for the […]

Talking humor with SNL writer Simon Rich

Simon Rich is a writer for SNL. He has published work in the New Yorker and Mad magazine. He is currently working on a novel, which will follow two humor books released by Random House. Rich is 24 years old. Rich will be in the District at bookstore Politics & Prose on Connecticut Avenue on […]

Feel the Force!

Student theater group the 14th Grade Players will perform a stage play, “Star Wars: In 30 Minutes!” at the Mitchell Hall Theater this Friday and Saturday. The show will be directed by junior Elizabeth Richardson. Playwright Patrick Gorman first developed the concept of a condensed Star Wars-based stage play in the mid-1990s, Richardson said. She […]

They Are Scientists

Chris Cain is the bassist for We Are Scientists, a Brooklyn-based indie pop band with a penchant for long-winded answers, absurdist humor and (apparently) pulp mystery novels. Cain and We Are Scientists will tour this fall in support of headliners Kings of Leon, with a show scheduled in the District at DAR Constitution Hall this […]

Alternative spaces

As bookstores across the nation compete with the quick access and discounted prices offered by online retailers, some independent outlets in the city are emphasizing using their space for what the Internet cannot offer: face-to-face discussion. “Political movements started when local community members could get together to talk,” said Don Allen, general manager of Busboys […]

Bliss in the city with Will Eastman

Will Eastman is the man behind Bliss, an eight-year-old indie dance party hosted every fourth Saturday at the Black Cat. Eastman, who first came to the District 13 years ago to attend graduate school at GW for museum and American studies, said the theme for Bliss is no attitude, just fun. Aside from DJ-ing, Eastman […]

On involuntary manslaughter and humor

The Hatchet spoke with Darren Miller and Kevin Mead of GW’s improv comedy group receSs about the upcoming release of their 25-minute short film, Charlie on Parole. The film was written and produced by beast.films, a group started in New York with Paul Briganti, who attends the School of Visual Arts. The short will premiere […]

Disgrace! Outrage! Politics!

The Shondes, a Brooklyn-based indie-punk band, is made up of violinist Elijah Oberman, bassist Louisa Rachel Solomon, guitarist Ian Brannigan and drummer Temim Fruchter. Fruchter spoke with The Hatchet about her band’s political views, their Yiddish name and growing up around the D.C. music scene. Speak briefly about your band’s political views. We’re all sort […]