Amanda Pacitti

This Ted Stevens is not from Alaska

Ted Stevens is a former United States senator who dealt with a slew of indictment charges in 2008. He is over 80 years old. He is from Alaska. Hatchet Arts spoke with another Ted Stevens. This Ted Stevens is from Omaha. He plays the guitar. He takes a conflicting stance on Dan Brown novels. Stevens […]

Amanda Pacitti: SAY EVERYTHING.

I was once in a diner with friends. We had caught a flick and wanted a slice of pie. The setting, I admit, is deceiving. That is, this moment did not occur in 1950s Milwaukee. It was not followed by an hour of joyriding. It did not involve me wearing someone’s class ring or letterman’s […]

Wes Miles runs his mouth

Wes Miles, vocalist for indie six-piece Ra Ra Riot, likes Anton Chekhov, James Joyce and Prince. Ra Ra Riot will perform with headliners Death Cab for Cutie on Wednesday, April 8 at DAR Constitution Hall, supporting their album, “The Rhumb Line,” which references lyrics written by the band’s late drummer, John Pike, who is thought […]

Aigrot, voice of Edith Piaf, comes to Lisner

French chanteuse Jil Aigrot is tentative to compare herself and Edith Piaf, the legendary singer profiled in the 2007 film “La Vie en Rose.” Still, for some, the comparison seems an inevitable one. Aigrot, who will perform a collection of Piaf’s music at the Lisner Auditorium this Saturday, was featured as the singing voice of […]

A Humble Opinion

Kurt Vonnegut is dead. Norman Mailer is dead. David Foster Wallace is dead, and most recently, baseball-lauding American writer John Updike died, leaving us – a generation of readers and writers who experienced the work of these men – alone. Now we stand in the inevitable shadow of literary schools that we, as consumers and […]

Frank Warren knows your secrets

Frank Warren has two secrets he will never tell you. One involves the FBI contacting him about a postcard he received. Another is where he keeps his mail, which he has a lot of. Warren is the curator of PostSecret, a project that asks strangers to mail in postcards that contain a written personal secret. […]

A humble opinion on tribute bands

The stages leading to the formation of a tribute band seem natural enough. Obsess over a band. Learn all of their songs. Play their music in your basement (or garage, or whatever) with like-minded individuals. Finally: Witness said band’s break up, and in response, become the defunct band. This final stage is the most difficult […]

Channeling angst and high school

For student directors, engaging with stereotypes presented the opportunity to overturn those stereotypes. The musical “bare,” presented this weekend by Forbidden Planet Productions, explores the conflicts of high school seniors at a Catholic boarding school, centering on a romantic relationship between roommates Jason, a popular jock, and Peter, his more reserved boyfriend. Jason is played […]

Motion as a movement

Students and faculty used movement this weekend to make a point. DanceWorks, the Dance and Theater Department’s semi-annual showcase, was presented last Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Betts Theater, on the first floor of the Marvin Center. Performances featured modern choreography by faculty, students and guest artists, like New York-based Heather McArdle. McArdle was invited […]

The school of Leibovitz

American photography legend Annie Leibovitz wants her most recent book, “Annie Leibovitz at Work,” to serve as a teaching mechanism for young photographers. We asked Leibovitz to teach us a few things. She spoke with Hatchet Arts on Monday from her San Francisco hotel room. See her at Politics and Prose in D.C. Tuesday, Dec. […]