Amanda Hess

Candy Apples oh-so-sweet

It’s no accident that the Apples in Stereo had to add the “Stereo” to their name to avoid sounding too much like the Beatles’ record label – with their bright harmonies, catchy guitar hooks and “woah-oh-woah” lyrics, the Apples in Stereo just sound a heck of a lot like the Beatles, period. “We’re doing music […]

WEB EXTRA: “Ooh La La”: Rod Stewart gets your mom (and maybe you)

It’s been nearly 40 years since Rod Stewart first shook his British booty into America’s hearts (and loins) with his breakthrough single, the infamous older-woman love lament “Maggie Mae.” Rod Stewart is 62 now, and Maggie’s probably dead. But to the 10,000 screaming over-the-hill women inside the Verizon Center last Friday night, Stewart’s boyish charm […]

Monster Madness: Monster Jam comes to Verizon

You could almost feel it coming as you rode the Metro through downtown D.C. last weekend. At first it was subtle – a Harley Davidson leather jacket sandwiched between two business suits here, a country-fried accent lilting above the drone of conversation there. Then, though, came the children: throngs of them, clinging to their parents’ […]

Students direct film to interest Steelers in trick play

The Pittsburgh Steelers are no strangers to trick plays. Last year, the team ran one to clinch a rousing 21-10 win against the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL. But this season, Steelers fans and Pittsburgh residents Chet Vincent and Jason Georgiades will try for an even trickier win: convincing the NFL champion Steelers to incorporate […]


“This production will make use of HAY, NUDITY, and FOG,” reads a sign in the lobby of the Washington Shakespeare Company’s production of “Equus.” Those three words – meant as a light caution to the allergic, the prude, and the faint-of-breath – serve as a more ominous warning for the rest of us. The words […]

K-Fed brings boredom back to D.C.

I’ve been trying to get off club promotion juggernaut Jetset Mafia’s listserv for months. Their barrage of e-mails beckoning me to places with names like “Dream,” “Home” and “Fur” has somehow, week after week, failed to entice me to suit up in a tube top and subject myself to mild sexual assault. But last Friday […]

The upside of indie

Elliott Smith has been dead for three years, his last tracks have been mixed and released as 2003’s “From a Basement on the Hill,” and your vinyl copies of “XO” and “Figure Eight” have burned a hole in your record player. Where, then, sad indie boy or girl, are you to turn? Ashton Allen hopes […]

Taskforce continues work on four-by-four

As the new academic year begins, University officials continue to examine the possibility of switching student courseloads to a four-class, four-credit system. Administrators created a task force last spring to consider implementing the four-by-four system, but according to a July letter to the GW community from the Office of Academic Affairs, the committee made up […]

WEB UPDATE: St. Mary’s smoking ban meets resistance

Posted Friday, July 8, 7:00 p.m. As the sun began to set on the final day of June, 78-year-old David Sheehan sat alone on a bench outside St. Mary’s Court. Sheehan quietly dragged on his cigarette when a loud voice interrupted his smoke break: “It’s the last day! It’s your last one!” a fellow resident […]

WEB UPDATE: Options abound for textbook shopping

Posted Thursday, Aug. 4, 12:27 p.m. The approach of the fall 2005 semester means lines of students will soon be snaking their way through the GW Bookstore, snapping up copies of English anthologies and physics lab books that will fill their minds but might empty their wallets. While students gripe at the price tags when […]