Amanda Crowe

Amanda Crowe: Leave it at home

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a Facebook addict. Facebook distracts me from my homework, my to-do list and even this column. I just can’t tear myself away from the site, which is why I don’t bring my laptop to any of my classes. It takes my focus off of the professor. I […]

Amanda Crowe: Univ. should refuse new SAT policy

For our generation, standardized testing is a way of life. As college students grudgingly start thinking about the LSAT, MCAT or GRE test in their not so distant future, the SAT is probably the closest experience most students have had with high-stakes testing. Although students have had unlimited shots at the SAT in recent years, […]

Amanda Crowe: Thurston cameras not a privacy violation

GW is not Big Brother. It’s doubtful that the University is interested in every aspect of students’ lives, watching them tirelessly until they slip up and maybe break a rule. The University and the University Police Department aren’t out to get you into trouble. They’re trying to make your time on campus safer. William Leaf’s […]

Amanda Crowe: Turning the page on textbook options

How would you like it if your professor told you that you didn’t have to buy your textbook? You would skip the long lines at the bookstore. You wouldn’t need to worry about high book prices, nor would you have to figure out what to do with them when the class was finished. But there […]

Amanda Crowe: Invasion? More like retreat

I had high hopes for last week’s Colonials Invasion. I couldn’t wait to join up with a couple thousand of my fellow students, sing the fight song, maybe get some free stuff and get pumped about this year’s basketball season. Unfortunately, all I got was a pathetic attempt from the University to foster school spirit. […]

Not your average freshman

At first glance, Sameera Al Bitar looks like your average freshman. She takes classes in the School of Business, does her homework and likes to relax with her friends. This summer, though, Al Bitar did something that no other freshman can say they did – she swam in the Olympic Games for Bahrain. But the […]