Ally Pregulman

Sex Column: Guys: confidence, not cockiness is key

After a hot and sweaty summer, there is nothing more refreshing than new classes and well, let’s be honest, new love interests. I love sitting in class or at work and studiously checking out the prospects for a new year, imagining what they would do to me in bed instead of picturing economic principles. There […]

The sexual culture of Uganda

One of the main distinctions between Ugandans and Americans as sexual beings is the level of discussion there is on the subject. Until studying abroad in Uganda, my experiences with sex in Africa had been limited to teaching a class on HIV/AIDS to middle school students in Sierra Leone. While discussing condom use with them, […]

Sex Column: Advice you’ll never get from mom and dad

College is a great time to try new things, meet different people, and discover more about yourself. In preparation for this whirlwind experience, I wanted to disclose a few things I have learned during my time at GW. I guarantee mom and dad’s move-in day advice won’t be anything like this. This may be your […]