Alison Peters

Slice of Life: Demistifying the metrosexual

Metrorail? Innovative. Metrobus? Even better. Metrosexuality? Never. There are many things the city-savvy student body at GW is willing to try. But when it comes to metrosexuality, students seem less accepting. Sure, we have a fairly large gay and bisexual population, but when it comes to those guys who do not mind showing a little […]

Fostering friendship on and off the field

Razor? Check. Chair? Check. Testosterone? Always. It was a Tuesday night in November and members of the men’s Ultimate Frisbee team were prepping for their end of the season tournament by getting Mohawks in a friend’s apartment. Taking style to a new level, the close-knit G-Dub Ultimate team has created a subculture on campus. All […]