Alison Gazanr

Academy Awards spark anticipation and excitement

It’s Oscar time again – the night when stars put on a fashion show and people sit home watching to see what everyone wears. Included in the fashion show is the presentation of the awards. This year’s nominees vary drastically, promising a night of excitement. Best ActorMatt Damon, Good Will HuntingRobert Duvall, The Apostle Peter […]

Exceptional voice lost in monotonous songs

With her first release “32 Flavors,” Alana Davis sounded like a Fiona Apple wanna-be. But her album Blame It On Me (Elektra) proves Davis has a more eclectic sound. Blame It On Me covers a variety of music genres. The daughter of a noted jazz pianist, Davis incorporates her father’s style into her own work. […]

Peyroux makes blues style her own

Opening the show for Sarah McLachlan Oct. 18, Madeline Peyroux filled the Patriot Center with her seductive voice. With a simple black backdrop behind her, she stood, guitar in hand, between the two members of her band. Peyroux demanded attention. As her deep voice echoed throughout the arena, Peyroux performed with passion to a restless […]