Alison Gazan

Cell phones irk students, faculty

Pay phones have become obsolete on GW’s campus. Why bother carrying the 35 cents to make a phone call when you can carry a cellular phone and ditch the change? However, pay phones or the 35 cents needed to use them never interrupted a class. I think it’s incredibly disruptive when cell phones ring in […]

Film’s fresh, innovative idea pushes limits too far

Watching John Malkovich portray roles on screen is an eerie experience. His performances in films such as In the Line of Fire and Con Air made moviegoers cringe. Imagine being inside his head. In Being John Malkovich (Gramercy Pictures), you have the opportunity to look at the world through the eyes of Malkovich. But the […]

Alumnus supports `open space’ at University

GW students returned to campus this fall to find the new Kogan Plaza, a wide-open space in the middle of campus. But who is Kogan? “When I came by the other day, I walked through the plaza and went up to people and said `Who is this guy? What is this?’” Barton Kogan said with […]

GW student gets the `price right’

Jon Green has a game show obsession. He watches the Game Show Network. An appearance on “Jeopardy!” isn’t out of the question. And, at age 21, Green already has won $16,000 on the “Price Is Right.” “I’ve been a fan of the show since I was five,” said Green, who will make his television debut […]

American Beauty perfectly captures essence of real life

5 hatchets American Beauty – even the title is enigmatic. The movie isn’t what it seems. But then again, life isn’t what it seems. In a beautiful white house with blossoming red roses lining the premises, Lester (Kevin Spacey, Usual Suspects) and Carolyn Burnham (Annette Bening, The American President) live with their teenage daughter Jane […]

Recess opens season with midnight show

Prepare to laugh. Recess, GW’s first original comedic sketch and improvisation troupe, opens its season Friday. This year’s group includes a mix of guys and girls, juniors and sophomores. But the members of Recess – Molly Adler, Chris Alexander, Wendy Butterworth, Don Pitz, Dorothy Robinson, Ryan Sager, Todd Shulman, Steve Siddell and Sam Sklaver – […]

Me’Shell Ndeg?ocello abounds with soul, sensuality on Bitter

Me’Shell Ndeg?ocello titled her latest album Bitter (Maverick), but it is a misnomer. The album oozes with emotion and intensity, but the feeling she puts into it is anything but bitter. Each carefully crafted song utilizes every ounce of Ndeg?ocello’s musical ability and teems with sensuality. Despite the intricacy of her name, Ndeg?ocello keeps things […]

Campus Culture

GW students constantly hear how fortunate they are to be going to school in Washington D.C. There’s politics. There’s internships. Then there’s more politics. But students living in the District are blessed in yet another way. There’s also the arts. With The Kennedy Center literally in GW’s backyard, the National and Warner theaters a Metro […]

Star’s flawed performance hurts Cabaret on its national tour

Remember that famous last line Teri Hatcher uttered in her guest role on Seinfeld? As she walks out the door, she assures Jerry, They’re real. And they’re spectacular. They weren’t real. Hatcher is flat and so is her performance in The Warner Theatre’s Cabaret. As the cabaret diva Sally Bowles, Hatcher could have used the […]