Alison Gazan

Bar Belle pays her tab

As a sophomore editor, I remember seniors pouring over their 30 pieces, trying to fit four years of their lives on less than a page of newsprint. I couldn’t fathom the day when I would sit down to write my final farewell. After all, I was just a sophomore. I had two more years. Then […]

East Is East offers comical moments and serious message

Foreign films always have graced American movie screens. But it was Roberto Benigni’s powerful film, Life Is Beautiful, that brought foreign films into everyday cinematic discourse. Although other foreign films such as the German Run Lola Run have garnered acclaim in America, none have reached the status of Benigni’s masterpiece. However, East Is East (Miramax) […]

Ute Lemper brings her sultry voice to Lisner

On the cover of her recently released album, Punishing Kiss, Ute (pronounced ooo-tah) Lemper looks dangerous. Donning tight, black leather pants and tank top, she looks like a cross between Madonna in her Human Nature video and Annie Lennox when she was with the Eurythmics. Lemper bears an uncanny resemblance to Lennox and boasts the […]

Virg?nia Rodriguez embodies spirituality in soulful music

With her soulful, bellowing voice, Virg?nia Rodriguez fluidly mixes spirituality and fun. Some of her songs burst with energy while others sooth you into a state of unconsciousness. Her captive voice reigns in your mind, and you are entranced far beyond the final note of her latest album, N?s (Natasha Records). Rodriguez will perform songs […]

The Soul of Wit

Nothing can prepare you for the emotional journey you take while watching Wit. But then again, nothing can prepare you for cancer. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. Your stomach will ache from nausea. You will experience everything that Dr. Vivian Bearing endures during her battle with fourth-stage metastatic ovarian cancer. Bearing, a doctor of 17th-century poetry […]

`Bash: Latterday Plays’ falters with its message

The question always is why do bad things happen to good people? In Neil Labute’s Bash: Latterday Plays, the question seems to be why do good people do bad things? Bash is a combination of three one-acts held together by a common theme that surfaces in each part. But the show is intended for a […]

CPAC gives all students a chance to enjoy the arts

You know Generic Theatre and the Department of Theatre and Dance. But what is CPAC? CPAC stands for Creative Performing Arts Community, one of the Community Living and Learning programs for freshmen. Students interested in CPAC must apply to the program by submitting portfolios and answering a series of essay questions. CPAC tries to embody […]

Marvin’s Room

The Creative and Performing Arts Community (CPAC) takes theater back to its roots. Back to the days when flashy costumes and elaborate sets weren’t necessary. Back to the days when theater was an art, not a moneymaker. Back to the days when a powerful script and talented actors carried the show. In the CPAC’s performance […]

The Kennedy Center celebrates Millennium Stage’s anniversary

It began with a simple concept – performing arts for everyone. That one idea gave birth to The Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage, which offers free performances every day at 6 p.m.. On March 1, The Kennedy Center will celebrate the third anniversary of the Millennium Stage with the Grammy Award-winning Big Bad Voodoo Daddy as […]