Ali Peters

Slice of Life: Romance tastes like…

It started with a cheeseburger. The McDonalds on California and 15th was the Von Stuben and Mather high schools’ hang out. He was a rebellious and cunning baseball stud. She was a quiet and shy ballerina with slender features, big blue eyes and long brown hair. They were instantly attracted to each other. They dated […]

Hatchet Expat: My new friends: Hopelessness and Helplessness

He fell out of the tree and hit the ground with a thud. I watched as he struggled to stand up. He looked at me, then at my friend Jack, who had gingerly put his book down to watch the debacle. Little Guy, as I’ve taken to calling him after many failed attempts to cross […]

Slice of Life: Confessions of a paid intern

I accepted the offer as soon as I heard the magical phrase “paid internship” and I quit as soon as I heard the words “toilet cleaning.” Filling in data logs, running around D.C. dropping off bank deposits in the dense heat of summer and reorganizing moldy accounting books from the 1980s seemed rather doable, as […]

Slice of Life: Pride, prejudice and 4-RIDE

He knew me by my first name. To him, I wasn’t “Ali the Intern,” or the slighted high school version of myself, “Little Peters,” or even my friends’ personal favorite, “Alitude.” I was Miss Peters, and he was my therapist, carpool mom and tour guide all in one. Superman should have given up while he […]

Slice of Life: Becoming a Local

“Where is the metro?” the confused, fanny pack-clad tourist asked me this spring. Metro, metro, where is the metro? Ugh. I know this one! Across from JBKO, near that awful construction ruckus, literally right next to where my roommate was EMeRG-ed last year. Yes! The metro. “23rd and I, a few blocks up and to […]

Hitting the redo button on this year

I love the idea of a do-over. On Microsoft Word, I’m addicted to the undo command. It boils down to this: There is something undeniably exciting about messing up so badly, yet still being able to go back and revise what you did. In college, I’m equally smitten with all the proverbs students hear about […]

Slice of Life: The five people you meet in Washington D.C.

Snowmageddon was a second coming – a sophomore-year rebirth. The almost-weeklong academic hiatus was like a recreation, a Genesis of GW life. On day one, we did nothing. I spent half the day watching Elf and the other half following Perez Hilton. Days two and three brought tacit, often languid and assuredly lame attempts to […]

Slice of Life: Breaking up with Valentine’s

I am so over you. We are breaking up. This has not been working for a while and we both know it. And you know what? I am going to say the thing you are not supposed to say. It is you, not me. You are clingy, stifling and straight-up boring. Yes, you may have […]

Slice of Life: What’s My Age Again?

Monday morning recap: Chuckle. Another two, three, four Cheerios dribble down my chin. Snort. The skim milk my parents have trained me to drink comes out my nose. Belly laugh. One hearty, stomach flipping, Santa Claus-rivaling belly laugh completes my morning routine. Watching Sponge Bob Square Pants, how can you help but giggle? As we […]

Tips for a successful CI

Web Extra Welcome to Colonial Inauguration. The next three days will likely be some of the most spirit-packed you’ll experience at GW. To make sense of it all, The Hatchet has come up with a list of 10 tips and tricks to help new students get the most out of CI. 10. Bring a water […]